Community Discovery + Connectivity

Discover new businesses and events in real-time

Live Communication + Analytics

Receive live data and feedback for your business

Elevated In-Person Experience

Communicate at local happenings and meet new people

Our Mission

Our mission at UBMe is to help make local communities prosper by making them smarter, safer and more engaged.

UBMe's Patented Technology

What Makes UBMe Special

The primary advantage over our competitors is our proprietary geofencing engagement technology.

While there are numerous platforms that provide businesses and event organizers with ability to sell their offerings, what makes the UBMe platform unique is that it provides businesses + event organizers with an additional set of tools to focus on customers that are physically located at their business, activity or event in real-time to increase customer loyalty and provide a better in-person experience.

UBMe Global

Currently, UBMe works with businesses and organizers in 40+ countries, ranging from small businesses to large expos and festivals. People from all over the world can go onto the UBMe platform and find new happenings that are occurring within their community every day! 

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