The World's 1st Patented Hyperlocal Technology for Businesses, Municipalities
and Events

UBMe has created over 100M+ Hyperlocal Communities (HCs) worldwide; geo-fenced areas of people that are currently located at a business, at an event or in a city. By claiming your existing Hyperlocal Community or creating a new one for your next event, you'll get access to a Hyperlocal Engagement Platform.

Hyperlocal tools that BOOST
engagement at your Hyperlocal Community!


Local Businesses

Attract local customers and provide customer service to people within your Hyperlocal Community



Provide real-time updates and encourage more engagement and social activity at your next event



Engage with your community with community messaging, surveys, polls, reports and more

UBMe (United by Meaningful Experiences), was created because we are constantly presented with new ways and opportunities to connect with people across the globe, but those same opportunities don’t exist with people who are here now. Using our patented technology, we have created over 100M+ Hyperlocal Communities; people who are currently located in the same place at the same time. Using the UBMe App you can visit and check-in to any of these Hyperlocal Communities and be connected to a shared digital experience only available to people who are there now with you. 

The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform

The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform gives you the ability to control all activity that is happening at your Hyperlocal Community. Using the UBMe app, guests can join a Hyperlocal Community to network and interact with other people there, reach owners and organizers with questions or comments, provide feedback and share many other digital experiences exclusive to that Hyperlocal Community.


Access Your Hyperlocal Community!

The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform uses the UBMe mobile app (check it out below) to allow your guests to access your Hyperlocal Community.

Control Your Hyperlocal Community

The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform includes a custom admin portal to monitor and control all the activity happening at your Hyperlocal Community, communicate with everyone there and gather analytical insights on all present guests.

HC Highlights


Live Chat

Allow people to check-in to the live chat of your Hyperlocal Community and participate in a live conversation with everyone there now!


Live Moments

Allow for people to share moments from around your Hyperlocal Community using videos, pictures, filters and our famous sound emojis!


Live Voting & Polls

Check in with your attendees or crowdsource the popularity of a topic with live votes and polls.


Live Updates

Send notifications to all guests at your Hyperlocal Community to provide important updates that are happening in real-time.


Live Content

Stream live content including games and videos, to all guest located within your Hyperlocal Community!


Live Surveys & Forms

Gather feedback from all attendees with fully customizable forms and surveys.

Real Time Analytics

The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform provides attendee insights that helps you understand individual interests in real-time and make actionable connections between their needs and resources available at your Hyperlocal Community.