UBMe’s Taste of Italy – Enjoying Italian Restaurants All Across the United States

A Taste of Italy

When we think of truly authentic, Italian cuisine, we think of rich and creamy sauces, beautifully shaped pastas, fresh vegetables and so much more that evokes our senses. When considering a genre of cuisine to present to you all this week, we decided to channel our inner Italian! Italian food is a staple in America, and the comfort that pasta dishes and brick-oven pizzas give us truly warms the soul. This week at UBMe, we’re venturing out and connecting with some wonderful Italian Restaurants that are across the country and we couldn’t be more excited! Get ready, because you’re in for a delizioso experience!

UBMe’s Via Familia

At UBMe, we consider all of our restaurant clients to be more than just clients – we consider them to be a part of our UBMe Family! Recently we began working with food bloggers and that has proved to be an amazing experience. Our family is expanding as we are connecting and collaborating with more and more restaurants each week who’s food we just can’t get enough of! We hope you enjoy this taste of Italy and have some new spots added to your foodie bucket-list!

Caffe dell’Amore

Naples, FL

Caffe dell’Amore is a wonderful, authentic Italian Restaurant that is located in Naples, Florida. Caffe dell’Amore provides its customers with a beautiful ambience upon entry that continues throughout their entire meal.

“Remember that wonderful vacation you took to Italy with your beloved awhile back? You strolled through the streets taking in the sites, the art, the culture, and the joy of living around you. You stopped to eat in one of the many wonderful trattoria, intimate and romantic, savoring the best Italian food, drinking great wine, talking with loved ones and just enjoying life.

Caffe dell’Amore allows you to recreate that experience. Our Italian restaurant in Naples, Florida, serves authentic meals made with generations-old recipes passed down from chef to chef. We cook with love and passion, offering you a taste of Italy while you enjoy the company of loves ones in an intimate setting.”

This quote from the owner could not be more accurate, and the amount of awards Caffe dell’Amore has won are truly a testament to that. A few days ago TripAdvisor named them a 2021 Travelers’ Choice Award Winner, meaning that they are in the top 10% of restaurants traveled to worldwide! We could not be more proud of them and happy to have them as a part of the UBMe Family!

Via Emilia Garden

Miami, FL

Welcome to Via Emilia Garden, an Italian restaurant of authentic Emilia Romagna tradition in Midtown, Miami. We are so excited to have connected with Via Emilia Garden this week and are delighted to share their slice of Italy with you all!

“Our Chef takes pride in selecting only the highest quality ingredients, importing the most acclaimed products such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Balsamic Vinegars and much more.

Love and passion are the ingredients for all our recipes. We strictly maintain our traditions, therefore if you can’t find a dish in Emilia Romagna, you won’t eat it at Via Emilia Garden.

Our mission is to spread emotions, letting your mind travel to those happy memories, where you forget that you’re in a restaurant in Miami, and feel at your Grandma’s Sunday lunch.

All our pastas are homemade in the dining room by our Sfoglinas, who daily prepare Ravioli, Gnocchi, Tagliatelle and other typical pastas of the Emilia Romagna region.

Leading the tables of Via Emilia Garden we find our signature dish: the Tortellini in brodo o alla panna; strictly sealed by hand by our Sforglinas. This is followed by the traditional Lasagna in Bolognese sauce, the homemade Piadina with Stracchino and Prosciutto di Parma, as well as the Gnocco Fritto, also known as Crescentina.”

Peirano’s Market

Ventura, California

We are very excited to introduce a beautiful, exquisite Italian Restaurant to you! Peirano’s Market is a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who visits, and they go beyond just their amazing food.

“Peirano’s is family-owned and community-driven. Our passion is sharing a table of food that celebrates the integrity of beautiful ingredients and honors where they come from. We invite you to come in, make yourself at home, and indulge in all we have to offer.” It absolutely holds true, as Peirano’s encompasses a family-oriented ambience. The reviews from their customers speak to the integrity of their restaurant and food, and the combination of their talented staff and wonderful food heavily contributes to their community overall.

Peraino’s goes above and beyond by hosting events as well! If you come at the right time or follow their calendar, you’ll be in for a treat by having the opportunity to enjoy live music! There’s really no better combination than food and the arts, especially in beautiful California.

“When it comes to food, family, and friends, everyone is a little bit Italian.” We couldn’t love this quote from the Ventura, California restaurant more! Next time you’re in California and need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we strongly encourage you to sit down at night, enjoy a much-needed glass of wine, relax and eat some pasta at Peirano’s!

La Vespa

Manorville, NY

La Vespa is a wonderful, authentic Italian restaurant in Manorville, New York. Every dish they create evokes the visual senses before you even taste it. From pizza to pasta to delectable desserts, La Vespa is truly an Italian gem and a real treat for all of its customers.

One dish we thought looked incredibly amazing is the Chicken Piccata. When we asked about the creamy and savory dish, we knew that we were on the same page with La Vespa’s regulars!

“One of our most popular dishes! Sautéed chicken breasted with artichoke hearts and capers in a white wine lemon sauce!”

La Vespa’s Chicken Piccata

Blue Moon

New York, NY

There is something unique and special about Coal Fired Pizza, and Blue Moon knows this. That’s why every single pizza is made from their coal oven and they offer a HUGE variety of toppings as well! Since they’ve been in business for over 60 years, they definitely know what they’re doing and it shows. We really can’t get enough of their wonderful pizzas and we hope next time you’re in New York, you stop in too!

“The Blue Moon tradition started more than 50 years ago when Cosimo Montemurro opened a restaurant. Now in the capable hands of his grandson, Raymond Montemurro, the family recipes remain the same, hearty and delicious with a twist. Old fashioned Southern Italian fare is cooked with care, served with a generous hand at this nexus of Neapolitan gastronomy in downtown Rockville Centre. A coal burning oven sends forth well blistered pies crowned with whatever you want – sausage, meatballs, the works.
One bite of your first slice and you’ll understand why Blue Moon has stood the test of time.”

White Cottage Pizzeria & Italian Cuisine


If you’re looking for a super quaint, classic Italian experience in Illinois, look no further than White Cottage Pizzeria & Italian Cuisine. They have three wonderful locations and serve delicious, authentic dishes.

“In the tradition of the Finest Italian Restaurants, each dish is Made Fresh to Order. Using homemade recipes require fresh ingredients and never using canned sauces. All our dishes and their sauces are made from scratch. The extra time and effort made is worth every minute. You know the perfect meal when your mouth wants more but you can’t fit another bite.”

Bella Donna Pizza Garden

Queens, NY

There’s not much that beats authentic, Italian pizza and garlic knots, especially on a busy day in Queens, New York. Bella Donna Pizza Garden treats its customers to a huge variety of delicious pizzas, pastas and other Italian specialties.

Not only do they have a great variety of food, but they have a quaint seating area outside that is fully enclosed, and with the cooler months to come, will be heated as well! Bella Donna Pizza Garden is such a great eating location to go to at any time of the day, whether its a busy dinner after a long work day or a casual lunch on the weekend!

Ciao For Now!

We truly hope you enjoyed UBMe’s ‘Taste of Italy’ special this week and all of the wonderful restaurants involved in the journey! We know we love them! Our experience this week connecting with so many great restaurants from across the country makes us love our job even more. Seeing how these authentic, Italian restaurants have such a community impact is very special, and we are so glad they gave us a taste of that!

We hope you take the time to check out our virtual catalog, where you can get more great info on each restaurant as well as exclusive photos! Enjoy!

Ciao for now, and thank you for joining us at UBMe this week on our food journey!