A Taste of New York: The Unique Perspectives of a Manhattan Food Blogger & Buffalo Restaurant and Breweries

Everyone’s Dying for a Taste of New York

No matter where you go in New York, the range of incredible eats that you can get is astounding. There are over 27,000 restaurants in the state of New York, so there’s quite a lot of territory to cover if you’re looking to eat your way through the state! At UBMe we have a lot of ties to the Empire State, so this week’s Feature Friday is quite exciting for us! Even one of our founders has New York ties with being a Long-Island Local!

Whether its going to school in Long Island, having family in Buffalo or visiting friends in Manhattan, our UBMe team has a great connection with this wonderful state, and we cannot wait to dive deeper and give you a true taste of New York!

Meet Miami-Native Turned Manhattan Food Blogger, Laura!

The Big Apple holds a sense of allure for many. The people, the shopping, the high-rise apartments holds a glamour and stigma that is unique to only New York City. But there is one thing that tops all of that – food. Yes, New York City houses THOUSANDS of incredible restaurants that constantly turn out incredible courses to its eager customers. We are so excited to welcome our guest-blogger this week, Laura and read all about her fabulous Manhattan Food Journey!

Laura is a Miami-Native who moved to NYC 6 years ago. We love the vibrancy of her Miami-roots and how it really shows in her Manhattan food-feed today! We’re going to let Laura take it away now for a bit, so sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful food experience!

“Thank You! I’ve always been a city girl for the most part. I’ve been in NYC 6 years but I’m originally from Miami. South Florida has such a unique melting pot of cultures and the food definitely reflects that. It’s colorful, soulful and meaningful. It’s definitely where I first fell in love with food and wanted to share that love with others, so I started taking photos of my experiences!”

Everyday Is a New Food Adventure! What’s Next?

“That’s right, just about everyday! Right now in NYC it’s Restaurant Week until August 22nd, so the thing to do is try as many different spots as you can! IT’s only $39 per person for a 3 course dinner at some of New York’s City’s best restaurants – you really can’t beat it!

I just went to Philippe Chow last night. Their Restaurant Week menu is by far one of the best – the most variety, best portion size, best value and the food is delicious!

Ah, what’s next! I’ll be going home to Florida soon, and I’m looking forward to authentic Cuban. Vaca Frita from La Carreta!”

Oh, it all just sounds so wonderful!

Foodie Bucket List – Laura’s Letting Us In On Her’s!

“Oh I have so many places! Where do I begin – Domestic or International?” Laura said with a laugh! “While inside during COVID last year I started planning a cross country road trip based on different regions of food I wanted to try! Being from the south but living up north I really miss ‘traditional’ BBQ. So the route heads down to North Carolina, then on to Tennessee and downt hrough Kansas and then to Texas to experience all different kinds of southern BBQ. Eventually I’ll get to the West Coast for Mexican and all different kinds of Asian and Native American cuisine!

I also want to head back to Italy and really explore everything food, wine and culture. Italian is another favorite of mine and I love the history of the cuisine!”

Miami VS NYC: Food Edition

“The biggest difference between food in Florida versus food in NYC is the amount of chains versus small, local based businesses. In Florida there are so many chain restaurants, you really have to seek out nunique and authentic places in specific neighborhoods. In NYC it’s common to have a generational family restaurant, bodega, diner or deli that’s been around a hundred years and has always sourced and made everything fresh. You can walk into any spot in NYC and the food is just good. In Florida that’s definitely not the case, BUT when you do find that authentic, family owned Cuban spot – it can’t be beat.”

Thanks so much Laura! I know at UBMe we can’t get enough of your amazing eats, and I’m sure the rest of the readers will agree with us! We appreciate your wonderful experiences and insights – we can’t wait to keep following along with your journey! If you’re like us and are just dying for more mouth-watering photos, follow Laura on her food blog!

Say ‘Hello’ to A Few of Our Buffalo Restaurants & Breweries!

What’s better than one great Buffalo, New York Brewery? THREE Buffalo Breweries! Three of our New York restaurant clients are owned by the wonderful Mike Cecerne. Mike owns the Lafayette Brewing Co., The Pearl Street Grille & Brewing Co., and Buffalo RiverWorks, which features The Ward inside.

Lafayette Brewing Co.

If you need a new go-to brewery in New York, look no further than Lafayette Brewing Co.! Located in downtown Buffalo, this new brewery just opened this past June! Not only are the foods and brews at Lafayette Brewing Company AMAZING, but their atmosphere is fabulous too! Their indoor area has pool tables and hanging lights, to give the room a chill but fun ambience. The restaurant and brewery is also located inside of the historic hotel at Lafayette, so there is a ton of architectural charm!

Lafayette Brewing Co. Interior

They also have a wonderful patio which is the perfect lunch-time or dinner area. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or there for Happy Hour, it’s always a great time at Lafayette Brewing Company and we are thrilled to have them as a part of the UBMe Family!

Buffalo RiverWorks & The Ward

Buffalo RiverWorks is a VERY cool experience. Created to be housing for events and activities, Buffalo RiverWorks offers adventurous activities, like kayaking, zip-lining, rope course and A LOT more! You can get anything from live bands to pro-wrestling – they really do it all! In addition, they have an amazing casual dining restaurant inside called The Ward. The Ward offers amazing house brews, cocktails, apps and a large selection of sandwiches and burgers amongst many other options.

At UBMe we consider ourselves to be a family, with our restaurant clients included in the family. Buffalo RiverWorks really stands out as a family-friendly event center where everyone can get away for the weekend and just enjoy themselves. It’s restaurants like these that build communities in which we are immensely proud to be a part of.

Pearl Street Grill & Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for a great sandwich, burger or pizza, accompanied with a WONDERFUL brew, then Pearl Street Grill & Brewing Co. is absolutely where you need to be. Like it’s sister-locations, top quality food is an absolutely priority, and it really shows. They are huge within in the catering business and the restaurant location is often desired by couples for their weddings!

We also really love their brewing selection and think every single beer on the list is a hit! Check them out below to see if you agree with us!

The UBMe Family

Overall, there is so much to do at each of these Buffalo locations! We’re really so lucky at UBMe to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful restaurant owners and see the communities they take part in building through their food.

Adding in a guest-blogger each week has helped us expand our family even more, and each food blogger we meet provides us with truly unique and fabulous experiences! Seeing how food from their local restaurants has such an impact on not only their life, but on their entire community is amazing and we value every story they tell us!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Feature Friday! If you stop at any of these locations, make sure you tag us on Instagram @UBMeFood so that we can take part in your experiences as well! You can also experience this article as a virtual catalog, with enhanced photos here.

Thanks for reading along and joining us!