UBMe Helps Restaurants Connect with Customers Looking for Safe Carry Out Options Nearby

With the holidays approaching amidst a global pandemic, local restaurants are looking at creative ways to increase their revenue while promoting safety and convenience for their customers and staff. With support from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the Southside Bethlehem KIZ, UBMe’s patented technology now includes a product specifically for restaurants that provides an online ordering platform for carry out safety and connectivity. 

The creators of the UBMe app are aiming to help restaurants bring in new orders while still allowing customers to feel safe upon carry out arrival. Often times, customers decide last-minute to order out, searching for ‘carry out near me’ or restaurants that are in their area. With restaurants utilizing UBMe’s platform, they can provide customers the ease of knowing they are safe upon picking up their order. 

How UBMe's Platform Looks

During the winter months and with a vaccine not yet released, it is more important than ever for restaurants to continue implementing safety techniques for their staff and customers. UBMe’s product implements not only safety with their virtual connection of customers with staff, but a high level of convenience for them as well. No longer do carry out customers need to idly wait in their cars for updates on their food – they can just check-in to the restaurant through the UBMe app and a staff member inside can provide them with a live update on their order status.

UBMe Affordable Pricing Opportunities

UBMe strives to provide local restaurants with the tools to grow their business but not lose out on large amounts of revenue. With most 3rd-party companies taking enormous amounts of commissions from restaurants, orders may be increased, but restaurants are still very much struggling due to lost profit on orders. With the holiday season coming up, restaurant owners should not be worried about losing 20-40% of their online order revenue due to these commission fees. UBMe currently offers two simple rates exclusively for restaurants. Option 1 is $75 a month, commission-free, and Option 2 is no monthly fee with 5% commission from new orders. Both include unlimited orders via online ordering, a custom landing page designed specifically for your restaurant, an account manager, live dashboard access, unlimited check-ins, phone and email support, training videos, a marketing manager, customer analytics and real-time check in and order management. 

Holidays and COVID-19: How Will Holidays Look This Year?

With the holidays vastly approaching and potentially stricter restrictions being put in place, businesses are strategizing how to evolve themselves to fit what the new standards will be for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in preparation for Christmas. While these events are sure to look significantly different this year, UBMe’s restaurant rates include additional premium features, one being the ‘Local Deal’ tool. This premium tool allows for a business to easily publish their local deals and coupons on their pin in the UBMe app, making it convenient for businesses to expand their customer reach and acquire new customers.

In addition to these new holiday standards, restaurants are also adapting to the seasonal changes and closing of outdoor dining spaces due to in-climate weather. No longer will businesses be able to get around capacity restrictions by having seating both indoor and outdoors, and very few customers will be able to get the typical restaurant service. This makes UBMe’s product for restaurants a smart investment, especially with the next few months of cold weather approaching. 

UBMe is currently offering a 30 day free-trial period to new users where they can learn and navigate through all of the included offerings within the subscription. To claim your free trial and learn more about UBMe, visit https://www.ubme.com/restaurants.