City Excursions and Exquisite Eats Through the Eyes of True New Yorkers

The Magic of New York City

If you’ve been following along with us on our Foodie Adventures for the past few weeks, you’re bound to have noticed that New York City somehow always sneaks into our experiences. You’re not wrong! There’s something so magical about the Big Apple and the people and restaurants that reside there, that we can’t help but feature them all.

This week we have a few wonderful guest bloggers: Annie, Danica, Amelia and Noemi! We are so lucky to have met these wonderful women that encompass our same passion for supporting local restaurants! They all have great, fresh takes on their New York lifestyles and have shown us some INCREDIBLE restaurants they love. We can’t wait to introduce you! For an enhanced reading of this article, read it via our digital catalog!

Meet Annie: A Virginia Native Turned New Yorker

Our first guest-blogger of the week is Annie, the owner of @FoodieFrenzyFun, an impressive account having nearly 5K followers and INCREDIBLE food photos and stories. If you haven’t seen her work, you must check her out and we can guarantee you’ll spend the next hour obsessing over her food adventures.

Brunch at Fandi Mata

We love getting to know our bloggers and where they got their love for food. We asked Annie where it all began:

I grew up in northern Virginia and moved to NYC shortly after graduating college! I’ve always been a foodie though. My mom is an excellent cook so I learned early on about good cooking.” Family ties to food are always an amazing start! We’re so happy that Annie decided to convert her love for food to blogging and sharing her amazing eats with the world – it’s a true gift! We couldn’t wait to learn more about when Annie decided to take the plunge and start sharing.

“I decided to do it this past January. I’ve taken photos of my food and drink for so long. I had been toying with the idea for a while, so finally I decided to just go for it! I thought it was an appropriate time, too, because I could support local bars and restaurants that have struggled during this difficult time. I really hope it has helped them!”

At UBMe, we’re always looking for new restaurants to connect with and support, so we love how Annie does the same with her blog!

Annie’s Restaurant Highlights & Favorite Dishes

We couldn’t wait to hear about Annie’s recent restaurant hits, so we jumped right in and asked her for some favorite weekly restaurants and dishes.

“I just went to The Consulate for dinner and it was hands down amazing! Honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The Short Rib Cavatelli and the Grilled Rib Eye were FANTASTIC! So tender and flavorful. I will definitely be back and am eyeing the Tomahawk Steak or Linguini and Small Clams pasta for next time.”

The Consulate

Now we asked Annie a tough question: If you had to pick one meal as your absolutely favorite to go to, which would it be – breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner? We love her answer!

“I’m always game for brunch, especially if there’s a bottomless deal. Recently I went to Fandi Mata in Williamsburg and had such a lovely time. The Benedict and Steak & Eggs are a hit! The cocktails are done very well. It also has such a beautiful interior! They have a DJ playing during brunch, too, so it’s very fun and lively.”

Fandi Mata

Where to Next?

If you’ve read our Feature Fridays before, you’ll know that we’re always dying to find out what’s next for our fellow bloggers!

“I have a whole list of restaurants I want to check out, ha! A couple I have my eye on are Via Carota and Loulou. They can be difficult to get reservations for but I’m determined to make it happen! Next year I’m going to New Orleans and I cannot wait to scope out more of their food scene. It’s not my first time going, but I’ll definitely be covering a lot more restaurants now so I can promote them on my blog!”

Oh, we CANNOT WAIT to see Via Carota and Loulou making it onto Annie’s blog – we’re sure they’re going to be amazing!

Get to Know Danica

Our next guest-blogger, Danica, is a New York Native who utilizes her journalistic eye and photography skills to compile a wonderful food blog of her daily city-food adventures!

Danica is the owner of the fabulous Foodiegram (that’s Foodie-Instagram) @Hubba_Hubbba and we are delighted to have her New Yorker insight. Although Danica grew up in New Rochelle, NY, she moved to the city after college and has been wow-ing her followers with exquisite NYC eats ever since!

Danica’s photos are so professional that I couldn’t help but ask if she has professional experience with photography – I was not surprised to hear that she did indeed take photography courses prior to beginning her blogging experience – she was even kind enough to share some tips with us!

“I have taken photography courses before, and I’ve always had a knack for content creation. I would recommend playing around with angles, lighting and editing – and have fun with it! I only ever use an iPhone, but in my opinion lighting and portrait mode always take the imagery to the next level.”

Danica’s Recent Restaurant ‘Wows’

We can’t get enough of the incredible eats our guest-bloggers introduce us to, and Danica’s recent restaurant ‘wows’ have done exactly that – ‘wow’ed us!

“Thank you! I recently had dinner at Lola’s Taverna in Soho and Sola Pasta Bar on W Broadway, both of which blew me away. 

Lola’s Taverna is decorated beautifully for the season with florals floating overheard amongst gorgeous rattan lamps. Their mediterranean food was some of the best I’ve ever had, with both the presentation and the flavors. I would absolutely recommend the Saganaki Fondue appetizer that is lit on fire in front of the table, and the Lavraki market fish, which was cooked for perfection. The staff were great and the whole evening was a 10/10. 

Sola Pasta Bar delivered an equally memorable dinner, with creamy and innovative dishes throughout. Their most popular dish is their Tonnarelli Cacao E Pepe, but it was the Caramelle that made this a can’t miss restaurant for me, worth highlighting.”

Where Is Your Food Journey Taking You to Next?

“The best part about New York is that there’s always a new great restaurant around the corner. Three restaurants that are on my radar I am eager to try are Wild Ink, Dame, and Forsythia NYC.” We couldn’t agree more with you!

We just had to ask if Danica has any upcoming traveling plans that we can keep an eye out for on social media. We were delighted to hear that she has a few places in mind!

“Oh absolutely… I have always had a big travel bug and am eager to plan my next adventure. I hope to visit Tulum soon to try their cuisine, as well as plan a trip to Austin, Texas, for their authentic BBQ.”

Thanks so much for joining us this week Danica! We love hearing about the food journeys and travels of our guest-bloggers and we cannot wait to see where they take you!

Restaurant Recommendations from Cocktails_and_Foodtales

We really met so many wonderful New Yorkers this week and co-bloggers Amelia and Noemi were such gems to chat with! They suggested two fabulous restaurants to us that had not only great food, but innovative cocktails!

VIV Thai

“They have amazing food and great cocktails, as well as being very reasonably priced.” We like the sound of that!

Cocktail: Lychee Martini

Stand-Out Dish: Beef Pad Thai

Beef Pad Thai


Cocktail: On Cloud 9

Stand-Out Dish: Pork Bun Appetizer

Pork Bun Appetizer

Thank You for Eating & Supporting Local!

We really could not thank our guest-bloggers, Annie, Danica, Amelia and Noemi enough this week for their time, energy and of course their support of local restaurants. It’s their efforts and passion for food that fuels restaurants and builds a greater sense of community overall. We love the positive vibes flowing all around and hope that you now have some new inspiring eats when visiting NYC!

At UBMe we make it our goal to promote communities and local interactions. We offer restaurants free online ordering to ensure that the revenue made from their hard work goes to them and not a third party charging high fees and commissions. By eating out and supporting local restaurants, we are all taking part in something wonderful, and enjoying DELICIOUS food while doing so!

Take care everyone and thank you to all of our readers, restaurant clients and talented guest-bloggers. We couldn’t do it without you all!