COVID-19 Regulations Encourage Customers to Pick Up Food, Not Dine In

With cases of COVID-19 at an all-time high in the United States, stricter social regulations are developing. Restaurants and bars are losing indoor eating again, and are encouraged to focus on options for customers to pick up food. A lot of customers want to get out of the house and have somewhere to go, so curbside pick up is a great option.

Customer Benefits: Pick Up vs Delivery

Customers save a lot of money by choosing to pick up food over having it delivered. Delivery fees add up quickly for the customer and restaurant. In, an article by TechCrunch, they break down the delivery fees. The fees include: the menu items (what you are actually ordering), service fees, taxes, delivery fees and gratuity fees to the driver. These fees make the original cost of ‘eating in’ much more expensive than it should be.

There are many benefits to a customer choosing to curbside pickup. Benefits to the customer are: the ability to get out of the house, save money, and provide a local restaurant with more revenue. Restaurants that utilize 3rd party delivery services are required to pay a lot of additional fees. If more customers chose to pick up their orders, restaurants could cut out 3rd party costs.

Saving Restaurants Money: How Can UBMe Help?

UBMe is a great option to help restaurants utilize and organize order pickups. Not only does UBMe provide restaurants with an online ordering platform, but they provide contact-free communication as well. Once a customer checks into the restaurant from their car, they can virtually chat with a worker from inside. The worker can provide additional information about their order and when it will be brought outside to the car or to a contact-free station. UBMe allows restaurants to do curbside pick up seamlessly.

representation of seamless curbside pickup utilizing UBMe's platform

UBMe’s pricing is also geared towards saving restaurants money. UBMe’s restaurant platform has 2 payment options. One is a commission-free, monthly subscription option, which is most popular. The second option is a 5% commission off every order, which is still a very nominal fee. UBMe’s technology includes a lot of additional perks to the restaurant. These perks are included when you sign up for one of the two payment options. If you are interested in learning more, you can inquire at:

Community Involvement: Keeping Local Businesses Afloat During COVID-19

Overall, every business has taken a financial hit during COVID-19. Restaurants, bars and local businesses have had to get creative with generating revenue, and with cases rising everyday, businesses need the help of the community. When ordering food from a restaurant, you are contributing to not just the business, but the community overall. Communities are built by businesses and the local civilians, and with everyone pitching in to help one another during difficult times, they can flourish after the pandemic is defeated. Until then, local businesses need help to stay open. UBMe’s technology gives community members the means to interact with one another safely, and help sustain local businesses. Standing together during this pandemic is critical, and with everyone’s help and participation, local businesses will be able to fully reopen post COVID-19.