Eatery Curbside Safety and Customer Communication

Restaurant Curbside Safety Needs

With a global pandemic in full swing, eatery curbside safety has been a hot topic of debate. How can restaurants safely continue to serve customers amidst COVID-19?

Businesses throughout the United States have taken a hit, especially the restaurant industry. Restaurants are trying to provide their customers with the opportunity to enjoy dining experiences, whether it be indoor, outdoor, or curbside. Online ordering has increased significantly and allows for limited interaction with staff members, particularly in a restaurant setting. Curbside pickup is an addition to online order that allows customers to pick their order up at the restaurant, without going inside. The rise in curbside pickup has led to restaurants needing additional technology in order to fully satisfy eatery curbside safety.

UBMe is a tech company that has developed a customer communication solution for eatery curbside safety. Through their ‘check-in & connect’ technology, UBMe provides the high-quality safety standards to both businesses and their customers. Customers are able to order a service online and then upon curbside arrival, check-in and connect virtually. A staff member inside will then respond to the customer without contact through the app. Additionally, the business can view every customer who checked into their location, and connect with them.This insures the highest level of curbside safety for everyone. The image below depicts the ‘Live Chat’ feature and the map that displays all current customers.

Eatery Curbside Safety Through the UBMe AppUBMe Financially-Sound Customer Communication Services 

Companies like DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats charge incredibly high commission fees to restaurants, forcing them to take lower profits. These companies can take up to 30% of an order, and they are still coming in contact with multiple people. To read more about the high costs of third-party delivery services, check out this USA Today article:

The customer communication platform created by UBMe is unlike any other existing technology today on the market. The technology is a great asset, especially for restaurant owners. For $75.00 a month, UBMe provides the client with very user-friendly technology (set up for free) for both the business and the customer. This price is commission-free, meaning that the restaurant does not lose a portion of their sales per order, like they do with most competitors. Flat fees like this save businesses a lot of money in the long-run, making UBMe a smart option financially. For more information on what is included with the pricing, refer to:

Converting to a digital, contact-free system benefits every party during this pandemic, and businesses that utilize UBMe’s technology can benefit a lot both financially and from a safety perspective. Businesses can provide customers with opportunities to enjoy experiences with the ease of knowing they are being safe. This is a gift to all involved and a real asset to today’s society.