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The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform is the only platform that is focused on creating engagements during your events in real-time. Organize all attendees with real-time updates, get better insights from your attendees with real-time event analytics and encourage more social and professional interactions between attendees, vendors and sponsors using our AI Engagement tools.



Using The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform at conferences makes it easy for conference-goers to network at sessions, interact with attendees & speakers and participate in discussions.

In addition, UBMe AI Engagement tools create more opportunities for natural networking at your events and identify leads for exhibitors.

Trade Shows & Festivals

Using The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform at Trade Shows and Festivals, helps organizers and vendors to better connect with their audience and deliver a personalized experience to everyone there.

UBMe AI Engagement Tools create authentic social engagements as well as authentic interest based engagements with event vendors & sponsors.

Pitch Competitions

Using The UBMe Hyperlocal Engagement Platform at pitch competitions allows attendees to share their insights, deliberate and vote on pitching companies in real-time!

In addition to polling and surveys, live voting can be performed and displayed to all attending participants.

Sporting Events & Amusement Parks

We understand that some organizations and locations have persistent events happening on their premises or at their venue that may require a custom Hyperlocal solution.

If you have a large event, run multiple events at the same venue or have an amusement park or sporting arena, we would love to speak to you about creating a custom Hyperlocal Engagement Platform designed to your specification.

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