How are NFL Games Impacted by COVID-19 and How Can Technology Better the Fan Experience?

Over the weekend, two NFL games were played to decide who would be playing in Super Bowl LV. There will be about 22,000 fans allowed at the Super Bowl this year, including 7,500 health-care workers who were invited. Typically, there are roughly 70,000 fans at a Super Bowl, so this year is quite different with COVID-19 restrictions. While precautions and protocols vary from state to state, the NFL has taken extreme legal measures to ensure that they are not responsible for any potential carrying of COVID-19. You can read the full COVID-19 statements made by the NFL here. With the Raymond James Stadium in Florida having more fans at the Super Bowl than they have had all year, there does seem to be a heightened level of risk.

How Can Technology Improve Sporting Events in Future Seasons?

Unfortunately, no one knows how much longer the COVID-19 pandemic will continue. The two vaccines that are being distributed and administered are very promising, but there is a lot of planning that needs to occur in order to ensure that events are as safe as possible. Now there is a new niche in society for technology that caters to safety and efficiency. With everyone wanting to get back to their normal lives and enjoy sporting events and concerts again, the need for new technology is huge.

There are endless problems that stadiums are seeing today, within the pros, collegiate and even high school levels. Many parents are not able to see their children play in their high-school or college sports. There are not current solutions that are providing people with means to experience an event with COVID-19 safety standards. Ordering food is a huge problem, because food and drink sales make up monetary numbers for stadiums. Trying to ensure social distancing and proper ordering protocols at NFL games has proven to be challenging. Another problem at hand are bathrooms and how to properly manage the occupancy.

Stadium apps are going to be much larger within the sports industry than they ever were before. There are so many new opportunities for tech companies to partner and implement their technology into the existing stadium apps. At UBMe, we are constantly utilizing our software-patented technology to introduce into new industries and markets. The sports industry is absolutely an industry of interest to us, especially because we have a lot of experience with restaurants and food ordering technology. We eventually would like to see our technology being utilized in NFL games by thousands of fans.

What Was UBMe Before COVID-19?

Prior to COVID-19, UBMe was in the event space. We were able to adapt and convert our technology to help people abide by social distancing guidelines. Our goal at UBMe is to give people the technology to continue enjoying their lives, but in a safer way. We have done this through our restaurant curbside-pickup technology, which allows customers to order online and pick-up their food with  check-in and virtual communication technology. Along with partnering with Star Micronics, we provide restaurants with automatic printing of online food orders. UBMe has also implemented our technology within the health field. We have partnered the Bethlehem Health Bureau to provide safe and efficient means of communication during a civilians COVID-19 vaccination. While we began as a company that connected people virtually at events, we now are striving to connect people safely and help combat the pandemic. Once the pandemic is over, we hope to return to the event space once again!

Interested in a Partnership or Getting More Information?

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