How Are Restaurants Providing Safety To Customers Amidst Tight COVID-19 Restrictions?

UBMe's Curbside Pickup Technology Platfom

COVID-19 regulations have been an ongoing matter in 2020, and safety for the general public is the top priority. However, restaurants and gyms have really taken a hit with the latest regulations instilled in PA. The guidelines have now closed all indoor gyms in Pennsylvania, as well as indoor dining for restaurants. You can read more about the specifications here.

What Are Restaurants Doing?

With the holidays and the coldest time of the year in full-swing, the struggle for local businesses to stay open is a constant stressor for owners. Keeping safety as their top priority, some restaurant owners have crafted unique alternatives. Outdoor heaters have become a great investment, and some restaurants have gone a step further to provide socially-distant ‘igloos.’ In Bethlehem, PA, McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar took big strides to provide single-group eating areas. This is a very safe, pivot to bring indoor dining, outdoors! To view the full video, check it out here. Other Bethlehem restaurants have been doing similar options, such as tented dining, mass amounts of heaters, BYOB nights (Bring Your Own Blankets).

This photo is from McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar Social Media and it demonstrates their efforts to provide safety to customers who want to eat out
McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar ‘Igloos,’ Bethlehem PA

While this idea is great and promotes top safety for customers, with the cold months of January and February approaching, it may not be able to last. This means that restaurants will need to pivot once again in the New Year and look for additional alternatives if the restrictions are not lifted.

How Can UBMe Help Restaurants Pivot From Indoor & Outdoor Dining?

UBMe provides technology to local businesses that provides additional safety and efficiency to the staff and customers. The technology focuses on location-based check-ins, contact-free communication and automatic order printing. It is important for restaurants to not only continue to generate business, but to keep up efficiency so customers return. UBMe recently partnered with Star Micronics to launch the automatic printing of online orders. This will allow restaurants to quicken the food prep process, and serve customers quicker than ever before.

Ordering Platform
This is the custom landing page that UBMe sets up for their clients, and customers can place their orders online. The restaurant then gets alerted and the order is automatically printed to the kitchen.

The tenacity of local restaurants to stay open throughout the pandemic is incredible. New technologies such as UBMe’s allow restaurants to focus on safety and efficiency, while continuing to stay open. To read more about signing up for UBMe’s restaurant platform, refer to their website. We support local restaurants and businesses and continue to provide services that will ensure returning customers and thriving businesses!