How to Amp Up Your Restaurant’s Taco Tuesday

UBMe’s Tie to Tacos

You may wonder where we got the idea to create an entire blog about tacos. Well, if you’re from the Lehigh Valley, you know that Taco Tuesday is a big thing! It’s a huge social media opportunity as well, since the #TacoTuesday generates 4.6 million posts on Instagram alone. UBMe has some other ties as well. We work with some INCREDIBLE Mexican restaurants that have the most delicious tacos! Of course we want to get behind that! We’re going to include a few amazing photos of some of our great restaurant clients’ tacos, because who doesn’t love food photos!? We also want to feature some great Lehigh Valley restaurants and how they celebrate Taco Tuesday! Enjoy!

Taco Salad from Los Rios, GA. Photo Credit: @LosRiosMexican Instagram

Let’s Get the Taco Party Started!

Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, right? Seems like a great way to capitalize and host a wonderful event centered around tacos every week! At UBMe we are all about community building and bonding. There’s no better way to bond than a great restaurant or bar event centered around food! Get ready for some great, creative ideas that’ll amp up your next Taco Tuesday. Maybe you can even use some ideas for tonight!

Tacos and Margs

What pairs better with a taco than a Margarita? Why hold yourself to one featured food item, when you can pair them as a special! Offering a special on a food and drink item is a great way to get new customers in, so you can use this pairing idea on more than just Taco Tuesday!

Tulum’s tacos and quesadillas! Located in Bethlehem, PA. Photo Credit: @TulumBethlehem Instagram

Sombrero Contest

People love a good contest, especially one that involves dressing up and that has a prize! Hosting a ‘Best Sombrero’ contest is a great way to bring new people in. It also adds a level of fun and humor! Another great bonus is that a contest like this provides great photo opportunities for your social media, as well as your customers’.

Taco Flight

What’s better than one taco? A BUNCH of tacos! Your restaurant can offer a taco flight (or taco tasting if you will!) made up of 4 mini tacos. Customers will not only love to sample a variety, but it’s a great photo opportunity as well for your customers!

Tacos from Como Esta Taqueria. Photo Credit: Como Esta Taqueria

Featured Cocktail/Beer

Adding a special drink that you can only get on a specific night is a great way to keep customers coming back. By promoting a featured cocktail or brew on Tuesdays in combination with tacos will generate a lot of buzz and it’ll seem exclusive. People LOVE to be a part of something exclusive!

Taco Bar

In light of COVID-19, it may be a tad bit too soon to offer a buffet-style taco bar, but once the pandemic is fully in the past, an engaging and attractive taco bar could be a huge hit at your restaurant – especially if tacos normally aren’t on the menu!

Tacos at Urbano in Bethlehem, PA. YUM! Photo credit: @UrbanoBethlehem Instagram

Festive Decor

Who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate? Just a few decorations go a long way! By hanging up some balloons or banners, you’re silently encouraging people to take photos in front of them and then post them! This is free publicity to your restaurant, and its a great way to attract new customers!

Mystery Taco

Offer a mystery taco option to your customers – this will cause intrigue and excitement when their tacos come out! Who doesn’t love a little bit of mystery when it comes to their order?

Celebrate Taco Tuesday!

UBMe loves to give creative and niche ideas for events like this, and we hope you enjoy them as well! We’d love to see what you come up with, so if you use any of these ideas, definitely tag us! We can’t wait to see your next Taco Tuesday! If your Taco Tuesday is already a huge hit, it may be time to get some online ordering going so that everyone gets a taco! UBMe offers free online ordering, no monthly fees and 0% commissions, so we are maximizing the amount of revenue that goes into your restaurant. You can sign up for your free demo here if you’re interested! We hope you all have a wonderful Taco Tuesday!