What is a Smart City?

Smart cities use different types of electronic IoT sensors to collect data and then use insights gained from that data to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. Smart city programs are often developed and driven by managers that don’t always take into account the majority of people who live, work and collaboratively make the city; it's citizens. UBMe goes far beyond social networking by using our patented Hyperlocal technology and sophisticated AI tools that interact with users to collect citizen data and input on matters related to their habits and interests. This allows UBMe to provide your city with unique insights and predictive forecast data based on the unique personality of your citizens.

Citizen Sensing

Allow citizens the tools they need to inform themselves and to access and share various city data and information.

Community Engagements

Promote local commerce and provide a digital catalyst for community and government interactions.

Smart City AI

Gather data from individual citizens, which is then enriched by applying smart analytics, learning and predictive models.

Custom Developed Solutions

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