Restaurants with Live Music are Great – But There’s So Much More!

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Going Above Eating

Restaurants and bars provide great opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy life. From delicious food to tasty drinks, dining out should be a great experience. Restaurants with live music always seem to be a hit (provided you like the music, of course) and its great to unite local food and artists! With that being said, there are many types of events that could draw more customers to your local restaurant!

At UBMe, we originated in the event space. We love the craziness and chaos that surrounds an event. Connecting people at these events is the nature of UBMe, and with the daily conquering of COVID-19, we are excited to jump back into the event space. With that being said, we also have developed a huge passion for the restaurant industry. We care a lot about the restaurants we work with, and strive to grow our presence within the restaurant space. In our perfect world, we want to combine the two! Now that restaurants are opening up, the opportunities for restaurants to become events is there again. We are going to share our top event ideas that every restaurant should schedule on their calendars!

Our new client, Little Cali
Our newest restaurant client, Little Cali

Event Ideas for Restaurants to Host

Remember when restaurants used to host events (and I’m not talking about private parties of under 20 with masks, I’m talking about REAL events!) Those days are coming back to us! It’s time to spark creativity and reimagine the restaurant industry to even bigger and better than two years ago. Here are some great events every restaurant can put on to engage with the community and bring in new customers.

Live Music

Restaurants with live music are definitely the most popular. Why? Because they work. Live music at restaurants brings in a new crowd and exposes fans to a new atmosphere. The performer gets a venue and the restaurant gets to make money. It’s a beautiful win-win.


Is your restaurant or brewery unveiling a new wine, beer or cocktail? Sounds like the PERFECT time to host a tasting night! You can feature your newest concoction by hosting a tasting in its honor! This is also a great time to get feedback on whether or not its a hit for the customers too. People love an occasion to celebrate, and debuting a brand new drink tasting is a fabulous way to do so!

Food Trucks Days

The food truck trend has been on the upward for the past few years. Featuring an event that encompasses both your business and a food truck combines clientele to one location – your restaurant. Food trucks pair particularly well with bars and breweries, since let’s be honest, beer pairs well with any food.


Who doesn’t love the opportunity to flex their useless knowledge? Trivia nights are the perfect way to bring in existing and new customers, and ensure that they sit down and enjoy some eats! All you need is a good host, some categories and a 1st and 2nd place incentive to get the competitive juices flowing. People love getting together for some healthy competition and trivia can become a weekly, local tradition that will have your restaurant hopping!


YES, Bingo! This is an encouraging event for families to come together and play! Giveaway a different appetizer, meal, drink, gift-card or tee shirt to keep people engaged and wanting to come back! Bingo could be your restaurant’s next big hit event!


Even if you don’t love singing yourself, who doesn’t secretly love watching others sing karaoke? The entertainment level can be lived up to by little else, and with the right song choices, your restaurant or bar is in for a great night! There aren’t many activities that can get an entire restaurant or bar crowd engaged quite like Karaoke can.

Restaurants with Live Music

Comedy Night

Similar to Karaoke Night, Comedy Night is sure to draw out some talent and entertainment. People love to eat, drink and laugh, so bringing a Comedy Night event to your local restaurant is sure to get a great turnout!

Did You Do Your Hosting Job TOO Well?

Are you seeing your restaurant at full capacity again thanks to a hosting job well-done? That’s awesome! Like anything, there’s always room for improvement though! UBMe can help you generate even more sales when your restaurant is at full capacity by offering free online ordering for pickup as well as automatic printing of orders. This way your restaurant can continue to flourish and stay as busy as possible, but without missing any orders! Every customer is happy and you’re contributing to your local community coming together!

If you’re interested in utilizing UBMe’s free online ordering system and automatic printing, you can sign up here today for your free demo. We are always excited to work with new restaurants and get involved in local communities all over the country! We hope you enjoyed our restaurant event-hosting ideas and that you decide to bring some of them into existence!