Looking for Great Places to Eat? Welcome C & H Hawaiian Grill & La Margarita to the UBMe Family!

Happy New Year! With 2020 being an absolutely crazy year, there is a lot of optimism with ringing in the New Year and 2021. Restaurants in PA are allowed to have more availability, although safety restrictions are still heavily in place. Many people are looking to enjoy local food, and there are many great places to eat out from! UBMe is especially excited to have partnered up with Star Micronics in order to provide restaurants with technology to make the order process even more efficient! You can read about the technology specs later on in the blog post.

Looking for Great Places to Eat?

UBMe is currently taking on new restaurant clients to insure they have access to the most efficient printing technology on the market! We are delighted to share 2 of our new clients, C & H Hawaiian Grill and La Margarita Co.! Both have incredible cuisine and now you can order online from these great places to eat. Both restaurants now have the technology provided by UBMe and Star to enhance the ordering process from start to finish. If you know of any restaurants that would love to utilize our new automatic printing technology, refer them to here to learn more!

C & H Hawaiian Grill

We are so excited to welcome C & H Hawaiian Grill to the UBMe Family! C & H Hawaiian Grill opened in 2004, and they create amazing Hawaiian dishes to share with the community. If you want to learn more about C & H Hawaiian grill and their cuisine, check out their website here. If you’re already sold and want to say ‘Aloha!’ and enjoy their great food, order online with ease now!

Check out this amazing dish by C & H Hawaiian Grill!

La Margarita Co.

Welcome to the family La Margarita Co.! We are very excited to welcome this incredible Mexican restaurant to our family. La Margarita Co. opened in Salem in 1984 back when there were only a few Mexican restaurants in Salem! If you are interested to learn more about their locations and menu, absolutely check them out!

How incredible does La Margarita Co’s food look!?

Technology Specs – How are UBMe and Star Micronics Increasing Efficiency?

UBMe and Star Micronics make the best partnership. Together, they provide restaurants with easy online ordering of food and automatic printing of orders. The automatic order printing is critical because an additional staff member is required to accept the order and send it to the kitchen. With the technology of UBMe and Star Micronics, no longer is a staff member required. Once a customer places their order on the restaurant’s custom landing page, the order is sent to the printer automatically, and the order is printed out and ready to be prepped by the kitchen! Not online is the preparation process quicker, but much less margin for error. Oftentimes when a customer has a delay in their food order, it is because the order was missed and never even sent to the kitchen. Now orders being missed is not an issue!

Questions? Contact UBMe!

If you have any questions about our partnership with Star Micronics or our technology, please do not hesitate to reach out! We would love to hear from you and provide you with more information. You can contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!