The Safe Customer Communication Product Every Restaurant Needs

Check-In Aspect of UBMe's Technology

Additional Customer Safety Needed

Local restaurants have always been the heart of cities and towns, and now with COVID-19 on the rise again, the need to work together to ensure safe customer communication is great. One of the largest problems restaurants are facing today is capacity. With limited indoor capacity restrictions, outdoor dining was a great option in the summer and early fall. Now, come November, the chilly weather is less than ideal for an outdoor lunches and dinners. November also means the start of cold and flu season, and in addition to the already present pandemic, customer safety is even more critical. Local businesses need to focus on staying in business while their customers remain safe.  Outdoor dining was a good, but temporary fix to encourage dining out. Now, local restaurants need a permanent solution to keeping safe customer communication active within the next few months.

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UBMe’s Customer Communication Product – The Permanent Solution

UBMe has the perfect solution for customer safety. Their product for restaurants implements safe customer communication when ordering and picking up food. Here’s how it works:

A restaurant registers for UBMe’s Online Ordering and Curbside Communication Platform. UBMe then creates either a website menu or landing page totally custom to the restaurant. This landing page is then available for customers to complete online orders and get a time-estimate of when to pick up their food. Once the time comes for the customer to pick up their food, they park, check into the restaurant via the UBMe app, and a restaurant staff member can then see they have arrived. From here, safe customer communication is in full-swing and the customer and staff member can virtually touch base on the order status.

UBMe provides 2 rates a restaurant can choose: Either a monthly fee of $0 with a 5% order commission, or a $75 per month fee with no commission. These two options include many additional perks, which can be found on the UBMe pricing page,

UBMe Restaurant Platform

Moving Forward

The need for customer safety is about to be at an all-time high. Restaurants can implement safety through online ordering and communication through the use of UBMe’s product. UBMe’s solution is not temporary and can be utilized long after COVID-19 is over. The two pricing points make it a great financial option as well for local restaurants. Overall, UBMe offers a great product for restaurants to ensure customer safety while ordering and communicating upon pickup arrival. In these trying times, businesses like UBMe that are focused on helping local business stay open are a real attribute to society, and their efforts are leaving a positive impact on the community.