Outside Dining Is Not the Only Option This Winter

With COVID-19 restrictions beginning to only allow outside dining, customers are wondering how they can support local restaurants. During the winter months, this premise seems difficult. In Philadelphia, PA restaurants are no longer allowed to provide customers with indoor dining, and outside dining is limited to 4 household members. These restrictions will even more detrimental to restaurants as the temperatures drop. It is important for customers to continue to support local businesses through the times of the pandemic. For business owners, customer safety is the ultimate priority. With the holidays around the corner, many restaurants are still looking to provide Thanksgiving bundles. Bundles are a great option for families to enjoy local food during the holidays. With the only other outside dining alternative being curbside pick-up, restaurants want to ensure there is little risk for their customers throughout the ordering and pick-up process.

How Does UBMe Provide an Alternative to Outside Dining?

UBMe’s patented technology is a great asset for restaurants during the freezing, winter months. UBMe offers restaurants an ordering and contactless communication platform for customers to communicate with restaurant staff members. Once a customer orders and arrives for pickup, they check into the restaurant location, and a restaurant staff member begins a live chat with them about their order. Conversations that take place can be about additional safety requirements, or the status of the order. All of the potential conversations take place virtually, making it completely safe for both the customer and worker. UBMe’s restaurant product provides additional safety from beginning to end, and restaurants are able to continue to generate business during challenging restrictions.

UBMe's Online Ordering Platform
Customers can choose to order online and pickup their food as an alternative to outside dining in the cold winter months

UBMe Helps Restaurants Generate More Revenue

UBMe’s pricing differs significantly from other 3rd-party ordering platforms. Companies like GrubHub, Uber Eats and DoorDash take large commissions off every order, taking away revenue from restaurants. UBMe offers a plan that takes 0% commissions, and only involves a monthly fee. Included in the monthly fee are many additional assets, such as: unlimited orders, a custom landing page, free menu set-up, and more. To see what else is included in a restaurant’s monthly fee with UBMe, refer here: https://www.ubme.com/pricing/.

Check-In Aspect of UBMe's Technology


How Can You Help Support Local Businesses?

COVID-19 has impacted many people and businesses negatively, and the upcoming months are expected to have the same impact. It is important to support local restaurants when possible, so that they can remain open until the pandemic ends. Outside dining is no longer a good option during winter, but luckily it is not the only option. Restaurants can still provide takeout orders for customers to enjoy at home with their families. Safety measures provided by UBMe’s restaurant product make sure that both parties of the ordering process are safe the entire time. Our economy will only remain stable if customers and businesses continue to unite until the pandemic is over. Technologies like UBMe’s are helping communities stay safe and profitable during trying times.