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Create your event on UBMe and provide a better experience for your atteendees!

Free for Event Organizers

Fees are paid by attendees unless you choose to absorb the fee.

No fees applied for free events
3% + $1.49 Service fee per paid ticket
2.9% + 30¢ Processing Fee

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Are UBMe Events still free overall if I only publish free events?
  • Yes! Free events are always free to post and the only associated fees with UBMe Events are attendee fees, which are on ticketed events only.

  • When do I receive my funds?
  • You’ll receive your funds daily via Stripe, our processing partner! Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your first transaction to deposit into your account and log into your Stripe account at for more details.

  • Can I create multiple ticket types for an event?
  • Absolutely! Our system allows you to create as many ticket types as needed for your event.

  • For attendees who want to use the app for additional engagement, is that free as well?
  • Yes, the UBMe app is 100% free for all attendees and organizers to use!

  • How do you handle large events?
  • We are well equipped to handle large events due to our vast array of features that no other event management platform currently offers. We have the ability to set agendas for events, provide speaker/performer information, display maps for parking/the venue, capacity regulations and much more! If you would like to work with us directly to help plan a larger event please contact David @

  • Can you help us manage capacity?
  • Absolutely! We allow organizers to set a finite number of tickets that can be sold, and our system will keep track of how many remain. Your landing page will notify customers when your event ‘sells out’ as well.

  • Can I offer discounts?
  • Yes! Our system allows you to add coupon codes during the Ticket creation process and you can create as many tickets and promotions as you’d like.

  • How do we educate attendees on using the UBMe app?
  • When an attendee receives a ticket for your event they also receive instructions on how to use the UBMe app when they arrive, so education is built-in. Everyone with a ticket should see how they can use the app at your event for a more enjoyable experience.

  • Will we be able to promote vendors/sponsors for our event?
  • Absolutely! There are two separate sections for vendors and sponsors within the event creation process and you can include their profile, website, contact information, description and more.