Say ‘Goodbye’ to Outdated Online Reviews and ‘Hello’ to Real-Time Feedback!

BETHLEHEM, PA. February 15, 2022: With support from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the Southside Bethlehem KIZ and Pennsylvania CareerLink, Bethlehem technology company, UBMe has officially launched real-time feedback for restaurants on the UBMe App, which will revolutionize the way customers can obtain live information from restaurants and the way online reviews will take place moving forward.

Dating back to the beginning of the pandemic, UBMe has focused on helping restaurants and food-related businesses increase their online ordering presence within their local communities and maximizing their revenue. Customers can order from restaurants and other food-related businesses via or on the UBMe app. 

When someone opens the UBMe app, they have instant access to all restaurants and eateries in their local area, and now, with UBMe’s latest feature, they have the ability to ask questions and receive real-time feedback. This means that customers can inquire about any business-related topic pertaining to that restaurant and receive live, real-time answers and information from a staff member that is inside. Examples of important information that may be requested are dietary concerns, what dinner or drink specials are still available, or what the current restaurant capacity is at. 

With access to real-time feedback, efficiency and accuracy is highly increased. Customers can get verified information within minutes, which diminishes the need to call the business or browse outdated reviews that may not be relevant. Come 2022, many online reviews are significantly outdated, having been written before the pandemic hit. This causes a lot of false information or inaccurate data to be represented, yet still presented to current customers. 

“What is the point of reading out-dated reviews when you can get current, accurate information instantaneously?” founder Val Arzunian once asked himself, which prompted the need to enhance online ordering reviews with UBMe’s technology. 

With real-time feedback, UBMe is revolutionizing the way in which customers are able to obtain current and factual information, and it is significantly more time-efficient than any means of reviews that exist today, especially within the food industry.

Supported by partners Star Micronics, UBMe offers a lot to their restaurant partners through, including free online ordering, automatic printing of orders (utilizing printers by Star Micronics), free marketing content, social media graphics and now the immediate access to live feedback for customers. With the continuous growth of UBMe’s online ordering platform, with every update, the features become more and more enticing to restaurant owners and other food-related businesses. 

UBMe is currently serving businesses all across the country and looking to expand their partnerships within the restaurant industry. If you are looking to increase your online ordering revenue and maximize your community presence, joining is an ideal avenue to pursue. You can contact directly via email at or via their website here. For partnership inquiries, please contact David at




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