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Click on the emojis below to hear sounds

Poop Set

This little guy is pretty gross, but somehow still loveable

Angry Irishman Set

Shamus was born and raised in a small town outside of Dublin. He loves a good fight as much as he loves a couple pints at the local pub – and he never seems to have enough of either.

Food and Drink Set

We know you don’t always have the right words to say, but don’t worry, these emojis do

The Classics Set

You already know

The Frat Bro Set

Brody is a living breathing embodiment of the American classic Animal House. He enjoys pre-workout, skipping leg day, ragers, keggers and a crisp pair of Sperrys to go with his Chubbies.

Grandpa Set

Jasper is an ornery but loving old feller. He spends his days enjoying Pinochle, telling folksy tall-tales about his glory days, and complaining about the new neighbors

Pudge the Panda Set

Pudge is a lovable little panda…just be sure not to disturb before the first cup of coffee

Halloween Set

Stay spooked, folks

Sushi Set

Fresh from the far east, these three buds make for the best serving of sushi you’ve ever clicked

Diane (Retro Woman) Set

Diane is a lover of gossip, baking and vodka tonics with her lunch

Salty Pete (Pirate) Set

Pirate Pete crosses the high sea swillin’ rum and chasin’ booty.

Sarah McSlothlin Set

Sarah knows how to take it easy. Problem is; that’s all she knows.

Rick (Retro) Man Set

Meet Rick, your dad’s best friend. Sometimes smooth, sometimes not-so-smooth; either way, it’s all love for Rick.

Clown Set

Your neighborhood clown has a taste for tormenting

Chester Chestnuts

This little fella just can’t seem to catch a break. Just tryin to get his nut, ya know?

The Suited Six

A tap of the cane and a tip of the cap from these six scoundrels will sharpen your etiquette faster than their mums can pour tea.


Doesn’t need a *bleep*ing description

The Snack Pack

Take a bite out of this pack for a taste of a few fun emojis that will clog…I mean fill…your heart.

Uncle Pauly and the Goodfellas

You can usually find these wise guys in the back of Vinny’s restaurant talking about certain business operations. But you don’t hear that from me…

Basic Becca Set

Becca enjoys the little things like a marg on a hot day or PSL on a crisp fall afternoon. You can most likely find her with her sisters adding new pics to their grids.

Rocco the Raccoon

Don’t be fooled by his looks, this little %&*hole is just as trash as the food he eats


A couple of critters just trying to keep up with their campus latest