Letting Customers Know

All of the graphics below will help educate your customers on how they should use the UBMe app when they arrive at your business. Please print the flyers below to hand out, create social media posts with them and include them in your email newsletters.

This page gets updated every week, feel free to check back next week for some more AWESOME designs

Suggested Text to Accompany Graphics Below

In accordance to social distancing guidelines and for your safety as well as our staff, we will be using UBMe app to safely communicate with you as you arrive and are waiting outside. Please follow the following steps upon arrival prior to coming inside:
1) Check-in using the free UBMe app (please download ahead of time, info below)  
2) After you check-in, you will than have the option to privately message us using the UBMe app and let us know you are outside.  
*Please note, the UBMe app will only let you check-in when you are physically outside in the parking lot. 
This will allows us to know you just arrived and be able to communicate with you to let you know when it’s safe for you to come inside as well as being able to provide real-time updates for you. The flyer below explains what you should do in order to contact us when you arrive.
Thank you and see you soon! #UBMeCurbside


(Print these flyers ahead of time and hand them out to your customers whenever possible)

Social Media Graphics

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Email Marketing Graphics

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If you need help sending out an email to your customers, please call us at (800) 359-0059.