Technology Increases Restaurant Efficiency for Business Owners

Providing efficiency to a business requires a level of craftiness and creativity. During COVID-19, business owners have had to reconsider their business models and adapt to this ‘new normal.’ Business owners are looking to utilize new technology to increase their business efficiency in order to appeal more to customers. With businesses being able to cater to customers more-so in terms of timeliness and safety, they can build up a higher percentage of returning customers.

Is Technology Helping Business Owners Survive the Pandemic?

A crazy aspect of the pandemic is that new niches within markets have been created. New technologies are being initiated in order to assist businesses with safety, timing and overall customer satisfaction. Keeping customers safe is critical, and curbside pickup implementation has become very popular amongst restaurants. With the increase in curbside pickup though comes spreading staff thin. Other aspects get delayed, such as timeliness and efficiency. It is important for business owners to strive to achieve all aspects of customer safety and satisfaction. Overall, it is safe to say that technology is a HUGE contribution to local businesses, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UBMe's live chat platform
UBMe provides customers and staff with a virtual chat feature that both parties can utilize once the customer checks in to the location

How Can UBMe Improve Efficiency?

UBMe is launching a new aspect of their restaurant product. Now, restaurant owners have the option for a one-time purchase of a printer, in which they can utilize automatic printing. Right now, a big challenge business owners face is losing time due to the manual printing of orders. If a worker is not present when an online order is placed by a customer, they have no way to get the order to the kitchen. With UBMe’s automatic printing platform, a middle man is not required. The process is very easy, on both ends of the transaction.

First, the customer creates an order online. Then, provided that the printer is hooked up in the restaurant’s kitchen, the kitchen will have that order printed out immediately. This saves a significant amount of time, and allows the food to be prepared much quicker. Once the customer arrives at the restaurant and checks in, they can communicate safely virtually with a staff member. There will be a much shorter wait time, because the food will be finished earlier, and can be delivered to the designated curbside pickup spot.

UBMe's Check in Platform
UBMe’s check-in technology is patent protected and a huge benefit to all businesses.

Keeping Safety AND Efficiency

One of the most important parts of UBMe’s products is that safety and efficiency are top priorities. Neither is compromised for the other, making UBMe’s product very beneficial to business owners. It is important for businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic, and UBMe’s technology positively contributes to local businesses. In order to see all of the features included in UBMe’s restaurant product, check it out here.