Technology Updates and Welcoming New Restaurants to the UBMe Family!

Restaurants play a pivotal role in our communities and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to support them even more. There are many ways to support local businesses, even now during tight, gathering restrictions. One way to support local restaurants in particular is through online ordering and take-out. Take-out ordering is really great because the restaurants get most of the money. Other options such as delivery actually costs restaurants a significant amount of money, because typically an expensive third-party company is involved.

UBMe’s Technology Specifications

At UBMe, we provide restaurants with an online-ordering platform that is easy for customers to navigate. Customers are able to then pick-up their orders contact-free through easy online check-in. The customer can also converse online with a restaurant staff member. Conversations are mostly about the order status or additional safety protocols. UBMe’s communication platform makes safety easier than it ever has been before, while also being extremely convenient for everyone.

In addition to our app-based technology, we also have partnered up with Star Micronics to provide automatic printing of orders. This is a huge technological advancement, because prior to our technology, restaurants would need a staff member to manually print online orders. Through our partnership with Star Micronics, orders are printed automatically to the kitchen. Not only is automatic printing saving time, but it is cutting back on errors. Most often, when an error occurs with an order, it is because the order was not actually printed. Now, that problem ceases to exist!

Welcoming New Restaurants

A very exciting aspect of our technology at UBMe is the connections we make. Through working with different restaurants, we get to modify our technology to the exact needs of the restaurant owners and their customers. We are very excited this week to welcome new restaurants to our UBMe family! Get ready to read about some great local restaurants with awesome food!

C & H Hawaiian Grill

C & H Hawaiian Grill will now be utilizing UBMe’s online ordering platform and curbside-communication at two locations! You may remember that C & H Hawaiian Grill became one of our new restaurant clients a few weeks ago. Now, they have opened their second location and we have partnered with the new location as well! They are located in both Killeen, Texas and Austin, Texas! Congratulations C & H Hawaiian Grill on your new restaurant location! If you’re in the area and looking for amazing Hawaiian cuisine, you know where to go!

Los Rios Mexican Restaurant

Los Rios Mexican Restaurant is located in Forsyth County, GA. They have an extensive menu with many amazing offerings that will absolutely satisfy your cravings! In addition, Los Rios also has a food truck, which can be hired out for catering events. UBMe is very excited to have Los Rios on board with our technology! If you’re in the Forsyth County area of Georgia, absolutely check out their online menu and order some incredible Mexican cuisine!

Sibris’ Restaurant

Sibri’s Restaurant is a family owned restaurant in Bethlehem, PA and their traditional American and Southwest-styled food is amazing! We are very excited to welcome them to the UBMe family and provide them with technology to get their great food in the mouths of more customers! If you’re in the Lehigh Valley area and looking for a great variety of delicious food, order online from Sibri’s Restaurant and enjoy!

Do Not Hesitate to Reach Out!

Do you have any questions about UBMe’s technology? Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask us! We would love to talk with you and hear your thoughts and inquiries. Please contact us here!