UBMe is Heading to New Jersey!

UBMe’s Taking on New Jersey Eateries This Week!

We are excited to continue our tour of amazing eats by heading to New Jersey this week! We have so many amazing restaurants and sweet spots that you are sure to love!

If you’re joining us for the first time this week, at UBMe we actually work with restaurants and eateries all over the United States! We are huge foodies and thrive on sharing our love for local with everyone else. It is one of our main goals at UBMe to help build communities through the growth of their restaurants and local events.

This week we have a fabulous assortment of healthy dishes, sweet treats, Asian-Fusion and so much more! We can’t wait for you to enjoy reading about them and then hopefully enjoying them in-person! If you’d like to experience this content as a digital magazine, and get access to more photos, please click here to access our library!

Beacon Diner


Our first restaurant is the wonderful, Beacon Diner! We are absolutely obsessed with their modern-take on a diner and their aesthetic gives customers a wonderful experience overall. It’s great to have them with us this week!

The Beacon Diner located in Fairview, New Jersey is recently under new ownership and renovated to fit a modern aesthetic vibe. The Beacon serves the surrounding towns and communities for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks 7 days a week including specialty breakfast items and innovative, tasteful burgers!

The diner fits to serve families, friends, and private parties with housemade appetizers and dinner specials, a full bar, and bakery on premises! So whether it’s 10 am for a Sunday brunch or Friday night after a football game, The Beacon Diner is eager to fulfill any cravings!

We hope you love their great eats as much as we do! Make sure that next time you’re in the Fairfield, New Jersey area, you stop in and enjoy one of their wonderful meals!

Cookies By Gi

We are super excited to feature the wonderful Cookies By Gi. You’re sure to be impressed with her fabulous cookies – both in taste and beauty! Here’s a message from the owner, Gianna!

“Hi, I’m Gianna, from Cookies By Gi! I started decorating sugar cookies earlier this year, after seeing so many others on Instagram post their pictures and videos. I’ve always been creative and artistic, and after quarantine and working from home for so long, I felt like I needed a new creative outlet away from a computer screen. I started out decorating cookies for holidays to hand out to loved ones and friends (Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.) and soon I started receiving orders! 

I love creating custom cookies for so many different occasions and events, from engagements and housewarmings, to graduations and restaurant openings, and more! I’m very excited to keep growing my small side business while making other people happy.”

Instagram: cookies_by_gi”

We are always amazed at the talent that is exhibited by the bakers we connect with, and Cookies By Gi are absolutely a true treat! We are so excited to have them featured this week and hope you check them out next time you’re looking for beautiful and delicious, custom cookies!

Introducing Our Guest Blogger, Karly!

We are so excited to introduce you to Karly, our guest-blogger this week! Karly is from New Jersey and will be sharing her fabulous foodie-expertise with us and we CANNOT wait! You’re definitely going to love her, her great eats and her wonderful recommendations on where to dine out when you’re in New Jersey!

Karly’s Foodie Beginning

My love of food came from my dad. He owns his own catering company and when I was younger I was always the person who helped him test out new creations. My love for food grew from there. I always wanted to try new restaurants, recipes and food trends whenever I could.

Then the creation of @forkyeah45 started during the winter of 2020. My boyfriend and I are such foodies, always trying new restaurants and taking pictures of the unbelievable food that we try. It got to the point where people thought all we did was go to restaurants lol My friends told me to start an Instagram account because they always want my recommendations for new restaurants and an Instagram would be a great place to reference. I started @forkyeah45 and now I have 3,000 followers and it’s such a passion of mine!!!!


Favorite New Jersey Eats

I’m a born and raised Jersey girl with a love of food so my restaurant recommendation list is out of control but I’ll narrow it down to a couple.

My favorite restaurant down the shore would have to be Branch Cantina in Long Branch, NJ. They have beautiful outdoor dining with a live band and a delicious range of margaritas. The best part is it’s right on the beach! A great Italian spot up north would have to be Lucco’s Cucina and Bar in Florham Park, NJ. Great wine, yummy Italian dishes and a fabulous revolving change of seasonal appetizers! A great brunch spot is Raymond’s in Montclair, NJ. Raymond’s is an old reliable that never seems to disappoint. It is a busy spot so you would definitely have to plan ahead though.

Fabulous Food Experiences

A great recent experience I had was at Jack’s Cafe in Verona, NJ. Jack’s is a small, family owned cafe that is open for breakfast and lunch. My boyfriend and I have started a tradition where we go here every Sunday morning and it takes all the Sunday scaries away!!! The owners are so friendly and make the cafe feel like home every time you enter the door. They have awesome specials every week including an arugula, egg and avocado sandwich that I ordered last time I went. I had their house coffee and a side of their homemade potatoes as well! My boyfriend always gets the Jack McMuffin and he absolutely loves it!


Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

My favorite local spot for sweets would have to be Mark and Julie’s in West Orange, NJ. They have won Best of Essex many times and they offer over 50 different ice cream flavors. My favorite part is the fact that they have low-fat frozen yogurt, my favorite flavor is the low fat mint chip sooo yum.

Looking Into Karly’s Foodie Future

This Friday I am going down to South Carolina to visit my brother at Coastal Carolina University and I’m super excited to try some southern cuisines. My brother can’t stop talking about it so I can’t wait to see if it will live up to the hype. Reviews to come!!!


Jersey Shore

At UBMe, we have quite the sweet tooth! We are super excited to introduce our next great New Jersey location that’ll for sure satisfy your craving for sweets!

Here’s a message from the owner, Victoria!

Oreo®- our chocolate dough stuff’d with oreo® cookies and topped with vanilla glaze

“stuff’d – a new way to eat cinnamon buns. Leave the canned filler at the grocery store and start your morning/end your day with our homemade bunz. We are a Jersey Shore based, online store offering sweet and savory bunz, stuffed with a plethora of ingredients ranging from cookies to pork roll – Yes! You read that right – Jersey’s favorite breakfast meat.

Porkroll + Cheese – with airfried porkroll and cheese blend

Our bunz are carefully handmade to order, and shipped or delivered to your door step! (pickup also available). Personalization available for all occasions. Whether you’re sending a birthday treat or giving out a sweet party favor, we customize to your specification! Visit us at 2stuffd.com or on Instagram @2stuffd.” 

We hope that next time you’re looking for a unique treat, you have stuff’d in mind! They do offer online ordering, so make sure you check out their website as well!

Happy Belly Cafe


Our next spot we’ll be introducing you to is Happy Belly Cafe! The passion they portray in their cafe and food is wonderful and creates a great atmosphere to all of their happy customers!

The Happy Belly Cafe is the brainchild of married couple, Neslie Calara and Lidie Mercado. Both of Filipino Heritage, they embarked on the journey of opening up their own business using their backgrounds in the food industry and simply with their love for food. In 2019, they found themselves in the heart of Clifton New Jersey where the support of the community allowed them to pursue their dreams. With their three non-negotiables of Amazing Food, Great Service and Exceptional Cleanliness, they strive to provide Quality Fresh Food Everyday to their patrons.

There is always something to look forward to at the Happy Belly Cafe as they continue to develop items in the menu and of course continue to bring comfort through the all time favorites. They offer a wide-range of items on their menu, from sandwiches, wraps and paninis, to salads, rice bowls, snacks and specialty drinks. There will be something for anyone’s fancy when they walk in the cafe. You can also expect some events every now and then as well as some incentive programs that they do as a Thank You to their loyal clients. The start-up was difficult and there are still constant challenges but because they are confident about their products and services, there is always that assurance of a successful tomorrow. They are very grateful to the community who gives them the support that any local business can only wish for.

We are super excited to have connected with Lidie this week and are so glad to have been introduced to Happy Belly Cafe!

Valley Fresh

Welcome to Valley Fresh, our next great New Jersey spot! Let us introduce you to their owner:

“We consider Valley Fresh a hidden gem in West Orange and we want to change that. Over time, the horizon of our customers has widened and we take a lot of pride in that. When my family first took over the business,  the restaurant wasn’t in great shape and nor were the reviews. The previous owners left Valley Fresh with a one-star rating across all platforms; leaving me, my family, and business partner several obstacles to overcome in order to restore the name. That didn’t frighten me since I love a challenge and a little over three and a half years later we are now averaging a 4-4.6 star rating across those same platforms. It’s been great being able to experience this journey with my business partner Nelki Rosario, due to his excellence in the restaurant industry.

As a co-owner, his contribution to Valley Fresh has been brilliant since the beginning.

Providing our business his 20+ years in service and hospitality after running a few very well known restaurants in NYC in the past. So quality is always important to us, even as a relatively small restaurant. Here at Valley Fresh we like to push the expectations and offer exceptional foods that are made fresh and typically not common in this area. Now, we are going to expand our menu and maybe one day our business too, as we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We are going to introduce crepes and further promote our smoothies for everyone to come and enjoy! Here at Valley Fresh we aim to please and satisfy your hunger with great, hot and fresh food, so thank you! To all our returning customers over the last few years, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

Nonna Rosa

Our next restaurant is Nonna Rosa!

“Hello! We are Nonna Rosa, a family Trattoria and Pizzeria that specializes in traditional Italian and Sicilian dishes, as well as Italian American favorites, and our specialty foods that you won’t find anywhere else. Our dream started in February of 2021, and although the pandemic was already here and affecting businesses around us, we decided to take the risk and make this family business a success.

Located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Our owners, Gerry and Giovanni, were both born and raised in Palermo, Sicily. Both proud Italians, we are also proud of the opportunity that America has brought us, and the ability it has given us to bring the joys and tastes of our home to all of our customers. Our dishes range from traditional Italian- American foods, all the way to foods seen only in the streets of Palermo. Our ingredients are always fresh and of the highest quality, and our dedication to the craft of food has been our pleasure, no matter how short of time we have been around.

To this year, and many more years to come, we ask that you come in and give us a try! When you come here and eat, you’re always family!”

Dos Coquis

Our next restaurant on the list is Dos Coquis, a wonderful, authentic Puerto Rican restaurant! You’re sure to love their fabulous dishes and rich flavors that are in every bite!

Dos Coquis was born when two women entrepreneurs came together to build an empire and create opportunities within their community and family. Dos Coquis prides itself on creating an authentic culinary experience paired with unmatchable hospitality for all its customers.

When ordering from us, you can expect to enjoy authentic Puerto Rican flavors made in a healthier way and presented with a modern twist. All our food is sold frozen online for enjoyment at home or in person at our pop up locations. Be sure to pair your bites with one of our fresh juices or traditional Coquito beverage.

A few customer favorite would definitely be our vegan empanadas because we don’t try to use meat substitutes or soy, instead we focus on enhancing the texture and flavor of our vegetables to absorb the Rican flavor.

And another favorite of our customers as well as ours is the Pastelon Popper! All the richness and fillings of a Puerto Rican Lasagna, in an easy to eat plantain popper!

We’re so glad to have had Dos Coquis with us this week and can’t wait to stop in next time we’re in New Jersey! We hope you enjoyed their great eats as well!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful owners and managers who contributed to this fabulous edition! We are so excited to travel all around the world and give you readers a wonderful food tour, and this week was no exception! At UBMe we hope that our New Jersey readers either learned something new about your favorite spot, or are inspired to try somewhere new this weekend!

If you venture out to any of these spots, please make sure to tag us on our UBMeFood Instagram so that we can share the experience with you (virtually, of course!) As always, we are constantly expanding and delivering our free online ordering system to restaurants all across the country. The launch of our new website, UBMeFood.com, will be coming next week and we cannot wait to bring even more customers to our restaurant clients and to enhance community engagement even more!

Thanks again to all of our readers and restaurant owners that participated this week! We loving sharing our passion for good food and greater company with you all! We’ll see you next week!