August 10, 2017

UBMe Muiskfest Treasure Hunt 2017

UBMe is inviting everyone attending Musikfest in the Bethlehem area to join in a TREASURE HUNT! First download the free UBMe app on your mobile device. Next, gather clues as you explore the area and are led through some of the hidden gems of Historic Bethlehem. Put your heads together to solve the clues and find the treasure chest that we’ve hidden somewhere in the area. Everything is within walking distance of Musikfest.

How to Participate:

1. Download the UBMe app & create a profile

2. Go to Historic Hotel Bethlehem at 6:00pm

3. Open the UBMe app and tap on the map and check into Historic Hotel Bethlehem

4. Join the Live Chat where you will find your first clue

5. This clue will lead you to your next location where you can check-in to find the next clue and so on

6. There are 4 locations total, the first being Historic Hotel Bethlehem and the last being the resting place of the HIDDEN TREASURE CHEST

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