UBMe Partners with Star Micronics to Launch New System That Increases Accuracy, Efficiency and Safety

Star and UBMe Partnership

UBMe and Star Micronics’ New System Provides Automatic Printing of Online Orders in Restaurant Kitchens.

Bethlehem, PA. December 21, 2020: With their new partners, Star Micronics, the founders of UBMe have launched a new technology service centered around the automatic printing of online orders. This technology is geared towards the restaurant industry and will provide a significant amount of efficiency and ease on the restaurant end. Once a customer places an online food order, the order is automatically printed on the Star Micronics printer in the restaurant kitchen, ensuring that no orders are delayed or skipped. 

One of the largest technical problems in the restaurant industry is that once online orders are placed by a customer, a restaurant staff member needs to manually send the order to the kitchens. This process allows for a lot of delays due to unintentional skipping of orders. These errors add up and contribute to a negative customer experience. With COVID-19 regulations becoming stricter, it is imperative for restaurants to keep customers not only satisfied, but returning frequently. 

This is where UBMe and Star Micronics’ new technology will be instrumental within the restaurant industry. UBMe provides automatic printing of online orders to Star Micronics’ mC-Print3 Thermal Printer, which is set up in the restaurant’s kitchen. This partnership alleviates the need for a staff member to send the order to the kitchen, so delays from that are eliminated. 

When restaurant owners sign up for their 30-Day Free Trial with UBMe, they receive a custom landing page where customers can place direct online orders. From there, the order is automatically printed in the kitchen and ready to be prepped. Following that, the customer can park outside and check-in with the UBMe app to let a restaurant staff member know they have arrived. With safety being a top priority right now, through the UBMe app, the restaurant staff member can make the customer aware of any policies they have in place regarding the pick-up. This makes the process completely contact-free. 

“We already have restaurants that are excited and ready to have access to this technology. Eliminating errors and increasing efficiency is a big appeal to restaurant owners, and we are really excited to deliver,” said co-founder David Bougard.  

The purpose of automatic order printing is to provide benefits to both the restaurant and the customer. The customer no longer has the inconvenience of delays from their orders not being received, thus giving them a positive online ordering experience. Restaurants right now are relying heavily on online orders, so having happy, satisfied returning customers is their main priority. 

“Automatic printing of ordering will be a major technological advancement in the restaurant industry, and this partnership and launch is very exciting for us. We look forward to seeing the impact it has on local businesses and the positive responses,” said CEO and co-founder Val Arzunian.

UBMe is also welcoming business owners onto their platform by offering a 30-Day free trial to new customers. To learn more about UBMe and claim a free trial, visit www.ubme.com/restaurants

About UBMe: 

UBMe is a start-up technology company based in Bethlehem, PA. Operating in the hyperlocal business-to-consumer industry category, UBMe’s proprietary mobile application helps businesses in dense market areas provide targeted and real-time interaction directly and immediately to local residents.