UBMe Partners with Star Micronics to Provide Automatic Order Printing Service to Restaurants

Partnership with UBMe and Star Printers

Amongst the COVID-19 restrictions, UBMe has partnered with Star Micronics to launch a new automatic order printing service. With restaurants taking another hit due to restrictions, providing safety and efficiency is now at an all-time need. Indoor dining is being shut down in many states, including PA. Restaurants are turning their focus to outdoor dining, delivery and curbside pickup. However, with the coldest weather of the year approaching, outdoor dining is looking like a difficult task to keep open. You can see further PA restrictions here.

Automatic Order Printing Service Leads to Efficiency in Kitchens

UBMe and Star Micronics are giving restaurants a great new option to improve their efficiency and customer service. One of the largest problems in the restaurant industry is that online orders need to be manually printed out. Manual printing requires a staff member to be next to the printing device at all times to ensure that an order will not be missed. If a worker is not present, a lot of time will be added to the customer’s order process and most often when there is a big delay in a customer’s order, it is because it was not manually sent to the kitchen.

The partnership between UBMe and Star Micronics provides the automatic printing of orders. As soon as a customer orders online, the order will directly print automatically in the restaurant. This new technology increases efficiency in the kitchen and makes sure that no order is accidentally skipped or not printed. Automatic Order Printing also speeds up the kitchen fluency because as soon as an order is placed, the food preparation can begin.

UBMe's Online Ordering Service
UBMe provides restaurants with custom landing pages that are unique to their aesthetic and cuisine. Customers can order from the website directly, and then the orders get printed out automatically in the restaurant’s kitchen with a Star Micronics.

The Ideal Partnership for Restaurant Products

The partnership between the two companies is the perfect storm for restaurants. UBMe provides restaurants with a customized landing page where customers can order online. Their technology is location-based, so customers can sign into a location and then staff inside are alerted. Star Micronics’ printers are utilized in restaurant kitchens to make food preparation much smoother from order to preparation to delivery. Overall, this partnership between two great companies will have a big impact on restaurants, especially now in the midst of COVID-19. To learn more about UBMe’s pricing, click here. For more information on Star Micronics and their restaurant printers, check them out here. It is really great to see technology being offered to benefit local and small businesses. We are excited to see the positive outcomes of this partnership!

Star Micronics: What the restaurants purchase to use alongside UBMe's automatic order printing technology
This is the Star Micronics Printer that restaurants can purchase to utilize the automatic order printing that makes processing orders incredibly easy and efficient