UBMe Partners with the Bethlehem Health Bureau to Ensure Safety for Civilians Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine has become available to first-responders and health-care workers in the direct line of the virus. With doses of the vaccine limited, it is important to continue to provide high safety standards and efficiency amongst distribution. While the vaccine is a promising solution, until enough people are vaccinated properly, safety still remains a top priority. Unfortunately, due to limited numbers of initial doses, there are tiers that depict the timing of when adults can receive the vaccine. To read more about the specified tiers for PA citizens, refer here. Right now, the focus is on essential workers and the population of adults over 65 years old. These groups will have the earliest access, which is the end of 2020 and early months of 2021. Focusing on select groups at a time is critical to strategically fighting the virus.

How Will This Technology Improve the Overall Vaccine Experience?

UBMe has partnered with the Bethlehem Health Bureau to provide citizens receiving the COVID-19 vaccine with a safe and easy experience, from start to finish. The user will be able to schedule their appointment online with ease. Once they arrive at the vaccination location, they can use the UBMe app to check-in and virtually contact a worker distributing the vaccine. This will be important if the citizen is experiencing any symptoms or have any questions. It is critical for as many people to get vaccinated as possible within the next year. UBMe wants to help make sure that the experience is a good one, and that it will help convince others to get vaccinated as well. Providing ease and safety will hopefully be an encouraging push to those on the fence about getting the vaccine.

Diving Deeper Into The Technology

The technology provided by UBMe can be broken down into safe and efficient stages. First, the qualified citizen makes an appointment online based on available dates and times. Once it is time for their appointment, they park and check-in on their phone using UBMe app, from their car. From there, they receive further safety instructions and protocols. After they are vaccinated, citizens are required to wait in their car for specified amount of time to ensure that they are not having symptoms. If a citizen does have symptoms, they are able to virtually contact a vaccine administer and get help. This aspect is critical, because in the health industry, every second counts, and UBMe’s technology is providing quick and efficient communication.

More Questions? Reach Out and Ask!

It is critical to make the vaccination process as seamless as possible to ensure the utmost level of efficiency, and UBMe is proud to help provide that. Overall, it is critical right now to strategize every aspect of fighting COVID-19. Uniting and forming new partnerships is a great way to achieve creative solutions. We are proud that our partnership with the Bethlehem Health Bureau will be another positive step forward in fighting COVID-19. If you have any further questions, or would like to potentially partner with UBMe, reach out here.