UBMe’s Baking Up a Storm: Highlighting Bakers & Bakeries

Baking Up a Storm

This week at UBMe we got the chance to connect with bakers and bakeries all across the country. The decadence of cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other pastries has us so inspired and excited to share with all of you!

At UBMe we strive to bring local communities closer, and we know that food and drink is a FABULOUS way to do so. We work with restaurants and breweries but decided that pastries also hold a very special place in people’s hearts as well. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are branching out into bakeries! We cannot wait to start catering (no pun intended!) to the world of baked goods and are delighted to share some wonderful bakeries with all of you!

Get ready to eat your heart out and enjoy the delicious treats that our wonderful bakers and pastry chefs have whipped up for you – you’re in for a real treat this week. To get exclusive photos and a real, visual experience while reading, please check out our digital magazine in our library on the top shelf!

Tinys Tasty Treats

Philadelphia, PA

Our first delight for you is Tinys Tasty Treats, and the gorgeous cakes will blow you away!

Tinys Tasty Treats is owned by pastry chef Yolivette Malave. She will earn her associates degree at Walnut Hill College in 2021, in Philadelphia. Yolivette started baking at the age of 10 years old, but it was at the age of 27 that she decided it was time to follow one of her dreams.

The Beginning

Tinys Tasty Treats started with just caramel custards, Flancochos and Tres Leche cakes. To take it a step further she enrolled in college to gain the experience she needed to make more pastries, cakes and to learn the right techniques she needed to be successful.


Gaining her experience also baking from home, her goal is to have every customer wanting more. Tinys Tasty Treats Specializes in custom cookies, cakes and latin pastries. One of her most wanted cake flavors is Almond Cake, and she is known to have the most moist cakes in the northeast, Philadelphia area.

We really love the sense of whimsy that Yolivette brings to all of her cookies and cakes and the detailing that goes into everything is just beautiful! We know that next time we’re in Philadelphia, we can’t wait to stop by and see what she’s creating!

Bake Or Eat Sweets

Orange Park, FL

Our next baker is the wonderful Elena, who is passionate about everything she creates! Located in Florida, she enjoys creating custom, one-of-a-kind unique cookies that can be visually appreciated as well as delicious! We’re going to hear a bit from Elena right now!

The Beginning

“I have been learning the art of cookies since then 2011, and converted this hobby into Bake or Eat Sweets while earning my BBA degree. I have been running BOES on overtime since 2011 (everyone knows when running a business you go from 9am-5pm in retail to 24/7 working as a business owner.)

A few proud moments as the “cookie girl” were of me being featured as a guest on “The Chat”  (local tv show) and Jacksonville Magazine, “I want a Buzz.” Other proud moments have been attending a few horror convention pop up shops, (where I met a ton of celebrities!) and accomplishing large orders of a thousand cookies for multiple local businesses.


My style is very nostalgic, pop culture inspired and definitely colorful.  I am a 90’s girl , so anytime I can recreate any cartoon into a cookie I am excited.

Where To Find Bake Or Eat Sweets

Currently you can find me working on the boutique side of my business, This will be a subscription/ build a box service that will  incorporate my love for cute merchandise with my cookie designs for one epic box of goodies. I just re-launched my Etsy Shop for some ready to ship aesthetic themed gift boxes as well!

I am extremely excited to bring Bake or Eat Sweets  to the next level by bringing nostalgia to everyone in cookie form!”

We are so excited to have Elena and her fabulous sweets included this week!

Meet Jenny, Our Guest Pastry Blogger!

Instagram: @JennysBreadBaby

We are super excited to introduce you to Jenny, our Guest Pastry Blogger this week – that’s right, she doesn’t just blog about food, but blogs about FABULOUS pastries and baked goods she enjoys! We know you’re going to love her, and if you haven’t seen her Instagram feed yet, you definitely want to check it out – her photos are gorgeous! We’re going to toss it over to Jenny now, so enjoy!

Jenny’s Pastry Journey Beginning

“My passion for food began when I was super young! I used to swim competitively so my metabolism was through the roof and I definitely wanted to take advantage of its “benefits”. As a result, I started baking at home by myself and soon fell in love with the creative process.

During the first few months of COVID-19 quarantine, there was this whole “banana bread” phase where everyone started baking in their kitchens. At this time, I had just been forced back home from studying abroad and, like most others, was feeling anxious about the events surrounding the world. As a distraction for me, my study abroad friends suggested that I start a baking instagram to pass the time and to reignite my interest in baking. Being able to couple both my love for baking and my interest in photography was a wonderful creative outlet. The feedback was extremely positive and supportive, so I kept it up and ever since then I’ve only had positive experiences!

Sweet Treats!

The most recent treat that I’ve gotten is lychee ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. My friend flew all the way from North Carolina for my birthday and, on our last day together, we decided to spontaneously do a Chinatown food tour. I had heard great things about this place before and there always seems to be a line out the door, so we decided to try it out! The lychee ice cream was absolutely delicious – definitely a unique, asian flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. The ice cream was also not too sweet and was creamy and rich, but to the extent where it wasn’t too overpowering or heavy on your stomach. I also tried the black sesame flavor and my friend got the banana. Both flavors were also amazing.

Some other recent places that I’ve tried are Alimamas, Wowfuls, Bona Bona Ice Cream, and Prince Tea House! Definitely try the purple yam souffle and the tiramisu at Prince Tea House.

New Spots to Check Out

Marble Dessert Bar, Chikalicious, and Cha’An are just a few of the many places on my list! Marble Dessert Bar has a prix-fixe dessert experience that I would love to try. It sounds like the perfect experience for a dessert lover like me!

Foodie Bucket List

I spent a summer in Indonesia and would love to have their fried banana, aka pisan goreng again. I’m not a picky eater and I love almost everything I eat, but I can say with full confidence that pisan goreng is my favorite dessert/snack on the planet!

Additionally, Paris croissants, Spanish churros, and Japanese hokkaido cheese tarts are all on my foodie dessert bucket list. This past summer, I also went to Iceland (highly recommend) and tried their famous rye bread ice cream! It may seem unusual, but it was definitely the most delicious thing I had while I was there. Rye bread is slightly sweet and cakey, so it’s a good pairing when mixed  with vanilla ice cream and topped with light whipped cream.

Where to Next On Your Pastry Journey?

Although none of these plans are definite, I plan to visit friends in Chicago, Seattle, and in the Bay Area! In Chicago, we definitely want to try Portillo’s famous chocolate cake shake where they literally blend an entire slice of chocolate cake into a vanilla milkshake – definitely a treat! Both Seattle and the Bay Area have tons of Asian food, so I’m hoping that my friends will show me around that food scene. For international travels, my top destination at the moment is Croatia! Not sure when that trip will happen but I will definitely be ready for some ​​Splitska torta and black risotto when I go.

Amykins Bakes


We are super excited to introduce our next baker, Amy! Her cookies and cakes have so much detail and they’re truly a work of art to enjoy even before you dig in!

Get to Know Amy

While Amykins Bakes started as a creative outlet and baking for work potlucks, it ended as a hobby that pays for itself! Amy works full-time as a graphic designer, and always looked forward to occasional potlucks and holiday parties to showcase her new recipes and arty desserts.  She was asked by friends and colleagues to post these creations on Instagram/Facebook, so she created a dessert-specific account for just that!  Soon enough, random strangers and friends-of-friends asked her to bake for their special occasions, and the rest is history.  “Ms. Bakes” delved into decorated cookies heavily since they were the most art-specific item, and were a huge trend.  “I still make every dessert conceivable from Macarons to creme brûlée, but the people spoke, and “insta-worthy” cookies at their parties became super popular.  “It’s so special that people trust me with their special occasions, and treats that make lasting memories.  I especially love when I have a theme but am allowed creative discretion…everything turns out SO much better when I’m inspired and not just copying some Pinterest photo someone dug up! I also NEVER make anything I wouldn’t gobble up myself.  Everything is made with the very best ingredients; the cookies are always soft and delectable, cakes are tender, everything is made from scratch, and nothing is too cloyingly sweet.”

The Greatest Hobby: Baking!

While she has no intentions of ever opening a brick-and-mortar bake shop, she is completely satisfied having a “free hobby” and keeping it a fun and PART-TIME side hustle! “I love my 9-5 job, and I’m convinced baking wouldn’t be exciting or artistically challenging anymore if I HAD to do it all the time.”  That being said, she has a hard time saying “no” to clients. “I die a little on the inside when someone comes to me with a theme that I’m itching to create, but when I’m booked, I’m booked.  I’m a perfectionist and won’t ever tackle more than I can produce well.  No shortcuts! I take my time.”  Amy is always exploring new techniques including sculpting royal icing and creating dimension in otherwise flat cookies. The baking/decorating realm is constantly evolving and changing, and Amykins Bakes is excited to be along for the ride! We hope you loved getting to know Amy and her fabulous treats – we know we sure did! Make sure to check out her Instagram if you haven’t yet!

Sweets N Savories

Nazareth, PA

Our next bakery is a short distance away from our roots in Bethlehem, and we are so excited to have them featured this week! Welcome, Sweets N Savories, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania!

At Sweets N Savories Bakery we take pride in the quality of our products. All of our baked goods are produced in our bakery on a daily basis. All of our delicious pie fillings and fruit fillings are made from fresh or fresh/frozen fruits. WE NEVER USE CANNED FILLINGS!

Our Danish and Croissants are made daily as well as our assortment of breads! We pride ourselves in having the freshest
products possible. We currently advertise our weekend menu, live videos and pictures of items on our Facebook page.

Both owners of Sweets N Savories Bakery, Cathy and John, have been in the food industry for many years. Cathy has had extensive training in food management as well as being a retired home economics teacher with a Masters degree. John is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY (1989), and has held various positions at restaurants and institutions around the area since 1979.

We are overjoyed to open Sweets N Savories in Nazareth, PA and hope our customers enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!

Dessert M.D.

We are super excited to introduce our next bakery, Dessert M.D. and all of their delicious treats!

Dessert M.D. is “The cure for your sweet tooth”. I began baking after my daughter joined dance to help with bake sales. People then began contacting me to make sweets all throughout the year.

After taking some Wilton classes and doing a lot of experimentation I branched out to cookie bouquets, cake pops, gourmet cupcakes, wedding cakes and assorted cookies. Today I supply customers with specialty baked good through word of mouth and Facebook contacts. I have the ability to create the ultimate dessert.

We are so excited you decided to branch out – your treats are absolutely fabulous! We love how it has taken off and wish you continued success!

Did We Satisfied Your Sweet Tooth?

We really hope we satisfied your sweet tooth this week with the fabulous bakers and bakeries highlighted! Thank you so much to our fabulous bakers and guest pastry blogger, Jenny, who helped bring this edition to life! It brought us nothing but delight to share their fabulous works of delicious, edible artwork with you all! We hope you enjoyed these treats as much as we did. If you get to enjoy a wonderful creation from one of these bakers, please share them with us on social media – we can’t wait to see!

As always, if you are a baker or know a baker who would benefit from UBMe’s free online ordering system, make sure to inquire about how free online ordering can change your bakery for the better! We’re always taking on new clients and are beyond excited to have expanded our technology to now cater to the bakery and sweets industry.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Take care, eat some delicious pastries, and cheers to the weekend!