UBMe’s Breakfast & Brunch Tour

Bring On the Breakfasts & Brunches

At UBMe, we are HUGE breakfast people. If you’ve followed along with us from the start, you’ll notice that breakfasts and brunches pop up a little more often than other meals, and we are unapologetically proud of this! This week we’re going to take you all on a tour across the United States to some fabulous breakfast and brunch venues. We can’t wait to share our love of morning eating with you all!

UBMe actually works with restaurants all over the country by providing free online ordering. We do not charge any fees, contracts or commission so that the restaurant can take their maximum profit that they earned and deserve. It is very important to us that we go above that though, and choose to support all restaurants, not just ones that are our clients. By supporting restaurants, we are helping to build local communities. Through that community-building, we are able to provide meaningful engagements and experiences that are going to last a lifetime.

This week we are bringing you some fabulous breakfast and brunch spots as well as introducing you to two guest food-bloggers, as well as a returning blogger! We are super excited for you to read all about our guest-bloggers favorite spots and these wonderful restaurant’s favorite morning plates to start your day with!

Let’s Brunch With Bridge!

We are so glad this week to welcome Bridget! Her keen eye for delicious dishes means we get to enjoy her eats right along with her – through Instagram that is! We are so looking forward to hearing more about Bridget and how her food journey began. We’ll turn it over to her now – enjoy!

“I am originally from Long Island and have been obsessed with food since I was a kid! Growing up out here surrounded by incredible seafood really gave me an appreciation for seafood, but I really love all cuisines. Not only do I love to eat, but I love capturing photos of my food to look back on. I also love cooking, and sharing my recipes with friends. With those two things in mind I figured why not put all these photos in one place! That’s where bites_withbridge came along.”

We Have to Ask – What Are Your Brunch Go-To’s?

I live for bottomless brunch. A sausage omelette or avocado toast is always my go-to, but it all tastes better with unlimited mimosas. My favorite bottomless brunches in NY are The Ainslie, Poco, and Essex. They all are trendy (great for a photo) and have amazing vibes (music etc), making them great for a birthday/large gathering with friends. The food is SO good at all three, especially paired with their bottomless drink options. Start any Saturday with bottomless brunch and it’ll be a great day!”

Restaurant Bucket-List

“Two restaurants I’m dying to try are Seamores and Pietro Nolita. I live for seafood and Italian food! Not only does Pietro Nolita’s food look so incredible, but the aesthetic looks on point as well. I’m so excited to try it!”

What’s the Next Stop On Your Food Journey?

“I want to continue venturing out and trying new restaurants and recipes. I love sharing tips on which restaurants have the best views, which plates to order, what drinks taste best etc. I love sharing these recs with my food passionate followers in the NYC and Hamptons areas and want to continue to expand on that!”

Welcome to Atlantic Bagels Cafe

Brooklyn, NY

We are very excited to welcome you to Atlantic Bagels Cafe! Located in Brooklyn, NY, Atlantic Bagels Cafe has everything you can ever want, going above and beyond just bagels! They offer a huge assortment of bagels, soups, salads, sandwiches and so much more. In addition, we can’t get enough of their delicious shakes!

At UBMe, we are very excited to have the opportunity to welcome Atlantic Bagels Cafe to the UBMe Family. Now you’ll be able to skip the business and order ahead of time and pay online! We know that in the crazy hustle and bustle of the mornings, you just want to grab your bagel and go, and now you can!

Dining In At The Breakfast Table

Easton, PA

The Breakfast Table is a wonderful Lehigh Valley Gem that we are so excited to highlight – it’s always nice to deliver a little slice of home!


“If you haven’t tried The Breakfast Table, we serve breakfast all day, but our menu is anything but typical. Our breakfasts feature the usual items, like French Toast, Pancakes, Eggs and Meats, but we step it up by offering a wide variety of breakfast burritos and omelettes as well!

We use only fresh ingredients (nothing used in the kitchen is pasteurized) and it’s whole eggs only, nothing out of a carton! Our butter is genuine and superior to anything on the grocery shelves. Berries are fresh, never frozen, and produce comes from local sources when available and in season.

Stop by and see why our guests keep voting us the Best Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley!”

Nutella Stuffed French Toast with Mixed Berries

I can personally attest, I do believe that title is well-deserved, time and time again!

Welcome to Certe

New York, NY

We are quite excited to introduce you to Certe, a beautiful, quaint catering company that also offers delivery and takeout! Their food is impeccable and the experience they create at events with their food is phenomenal. We can’t wait to give you a little taste of Certe, enjoy!

“Certe was created in 2004 and has been delighting clients ever since – with beautiful, great tasting food made from scratch, using fresh, quality ingredients.  Most importantly of all, food from Certe is accessible and affordable.

Our support of fresh local products has been ongoing and has become increasingly important in strengthening our local economy during these difficult times.  Balancing quality ingredients and value makes Certe successful in business as well as social progression.

Innovative new foods as well as crowd pleasing classics with a modern approach, keep our clients coming back for more.  There is authenticity and love in every bite.

We don’t just sell food, we sell certainty!”

Customer Favorites






Do all of these not look amazing? We cannot wait to taste them all – especially the Pancake Napoleon!

Los Cabos

Chef’s Favorites

We are always so curious to find out what dishes are the chef’s personal favorites, so of course we had to ask! We were delighted with his response:



Both of these are for sure to be my favorites as well!

Welcome to Cottage Wellesley

Wellesley, MA

We are super excited to make our way up to Massachusetts and introduce you to the Cottage Wellesley! Their quaint atmosphere, delicious food and beautiful presentation are coming your way – you’re in for quite a treat!

“Owners John and Laura Wolfe opened The Cottage Wellesley in 2007. They wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome while not sacrificing eating healthy, quality food. The Cottage enjoys being family-friendly because we know getting caught up in a meal shared with friends or family is always a special occasion.
Designed by Taniya Nayak, The Cottage offers lunch and dinner seven days a week with brunch exclusively served on Sunday. Private dining rooms are also available for special occasions and there is outdoor seating during the warmer months. Takeout and delivery are also options if you want The Cottage to come to you!”

Delicious Dishes

We were very excited to ask about some of the Cottage Wellesley favorite dishes that had both the customers and staff raving – here are just a few!


English muffin, prosciutto, spinach, poached egg, hollandaise, crispy home fries


Warm blueberry syrup, bacon

The Red Hibiscus and the Blackberry Smoke

It was so great to have the opportunity to connect with the Cottage Wellesley this week, and we cannot get enough of their wonderful breakfast and brunch dishes!

Cheers to Fabulous Breakfasts & Brunches!

We really are so delighted to have had the opportunity to bring you some great breakfast and brunch spots this week! Of course none of it would have been possible without the wonderful restaurant owners, managers and our great guest food-bloggers! Thank you to you all!

Every week that we get to connect and collaborate with different restaurants across the country is a pleasure. We marvel in the amazing people we meet and food we get exposed to! The talent and creativity behind it all makes us so happy to be a part of the restaurant industry and we hope that we can keep bringing you all a little slice of food heaven!

To all of our readers, we hope you enjoyed these breakfasts & brunches as much as we did and that you keep them in mind next time you’re in New York, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania! Thanks for joining us this week and we hope you come back next week to enjoy some more wonderful eats!