UBMe’s Taste of Home: Enjoying the Amazing Experiences Lehigh Valley Restaurants Have to Offer

We’re Heading Home!

This week we are so excited to stop at home for the week and really take in all of the wonderful local restaurants that reside in the Lehigh Valley! As Bethlehem locals ourselves, we love all things local to the Lehigh Valley, from the restaurants to the bars to the breweries!

As a lot of you know, at UBMe we absolutely love working within the restaurant industry by providing restaurants with free online ordering and not charging any fees, contracts or restaurant commission. We do this to allow restaurants to maximize their profit and eliminate extra fees that other third party companies take. Our goal in doing this is to help build communities by allowing restaurants to flourish with both their seated dining experience and online ordering and takeout experience.

Since this week is all about our local roots, we are very excited to have had the opportunities to collaborate with a few super talented, influential Lehigh Valley food bloggers! They have amazing insights into all things food throughout the Lehigh Valley and we know you’re going to go crazy over their recommendations and great eats! Throughout the article we’re also going to give you inside-access to some wonderful local restaurants that we know you’re going to absolutely love. Make sure you read each one, because we’re letting you in on some secret items that will be available ONLY to you readers!

You can also experience this article as a wonderful, virtual magazine! Click here and then click on UBMe’s Taste of Home to enjoy! Thanks so much for reading along this week and we hope you have some new places you want to try this weekend!

Blue Grillhouse

Previously known as the Candlelight Inn, Blue Grillhouse of Bethlehem, PA has been a loved Lehigh Valley restaurant for many years. They serve only the finest prime steaks that are shipped in daily from a specialty butcher in Chicago. Their wickedly delicious cocktails and alluring ambience enhance their impeccable food, but Blue has even more to offer than that! That’s why we are so excited this week to highlight Blue Grillhouse and all of their wonderful decadencies.

Great Food AND Events

One thing most people don’t know about Blue is that they also have a huge event center attached to the restaurant! Their event space is a fabulous option for your next party, whether you have 10 people or 400. We love the versatility their event space offers, because they accommodate your party of any size and create a magical and memorable atmosphere for you and all of your guests. The best part is that you and your attendees get to enjoy the wonderful food that Blue Grillhouse has to offer while enjoying your event!

What’s New at Blue?

Less than a month ago, the menu at Blue Grillhouse got fully updated, so pretty much every appetizer, dish and cocktail is new! This is super exciting, especially if you haven’t been to Blue recently – don’t worry though, you can still order all of your old favorites as well! A little tidbit they let us in on is that this fall, there will be new features every weekend, for both food and drink! Their chef and bartenders are always turning out brand new, delicious items which enhances the overall experience, every time you visit!

The 21st Amendment

Food & Cocktail Recommendations

We love talking signature dishes and cocktails and were not surprised at all to hear that Blue’s prime steaks are at the top of the list. Along with their steaks though are their fabulous seafood dishes! The Chilean Sea Bass was recommended to us and is a major hit with customers – we completely understand why, it looks AMAZING!

Chilean Sea Bass, Blue Grillhouse

We of course had to ask about cocktails and what they recommend right now and were very excited to hear about their new 21st Amendment, which is a Bourbon-based drink.

Want to Know a Secret?

We’ve already established that everything on the menu at Blue is incredible, but what about off the menu? We want to let you in on a secret – there’s a mystery cocktail that you can order called the Smoke Show, which is only available to you readers when you’re dining out on the patio! Blue is providing you all with an incredible experience at your patio table when you order the Smoke Show: rosemary is torched on a cherry wood plank and the glass will cover the rosemary as it burns, allowing the smoke to cover the glass! We can’t wait for you to try it!

Introducing the Savidges

While perusing Instagram, I of course always have my eye on Lehigh Valley food content. @EatingLikeSavidges caught my eye immediately for not only their incredibly clever name, but for their DELICIOUS eats! All of their photos trigger the senses right away and their food journey is a never-ending, mouth-watering experience for their followers. We are so excited to have them on board with us this week and we know you’ll love their great eats and recommendations!

How Did the Food Journey Begin and What Made You Decide to Document & Share It?

“We just started our Instagram account in March of 2021, so it’s a relatively new account! We moved to Bethlehem in 2019, and we spent our first year here trying out plenty of restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries in the Lehigh Valley. When the pandemic hit, we stopped trying out new places. We started the Instagram account in an effort to explore the restaurant world again. We also wanted to support the local businesses that we’ve come to know and love.”

You can see how their love for supporting local businesses made UBMe and the Savidges a foodie match from the start! If you don’t already follow them on Instagram, you must!

What Are Your Favorite LV Restaurants & Dishes?

This is our favorite part – finding out the local favorites!

Easton Wine Project

Easton, PA

Favorite Drinks: 1752 (Sparkling Rose); Chardonnay; Silk Mill Rose

Favorite Food: Cheese Board

Why we love it: They’re located in a repurposed, industrial space in the Simon Silk Mill. The space is gorgeous and has a lot of character. It’s a great place to sit with a friend, drink some wine, and eat some cheese!

Easton Wine Project, Easton, PA


Bethlehem, PA

Favorite Foods: Sausage, Just Egg, and Cheese Sandwich; Breakfast Burrito

Favorite Drinks: Their milkshakes (flavors rotate weekly)

Why we love it: Their menu is 100% vegan, and we love it even more than non-vegan food sometimes! Everything on their menu is full of flavor. They have new specials every week, and we like to see what new things they’ll come up with each time!


Bethlehem, PA

Favorite Foods: Their scones and pastelitos (flavors rotate often)

Favorite Drinks: Oatmilk Latte; Pour-Over Coffee

Why we love it: They have an eclectic food menu, with things like Peach, Honey, and Rosemary Frangipane Sourdough Danishes. We can’t get enough of their creativity, and we appreciate that they have plenty of options for people with dietary restrictions. They have a cozy atmosphere that makes you want to stay in and relax a while.

Lit, Bethlehem, PA

McCall Collective

Allentown, PA

Favorite Drink: Hittin’ Dingers (sour beer)

Why we love it: Their beer is our favorite beer in the Lehigh Valley. It just tastes so good! They have food specials most nights, like tacos on Tuesdays and cheesesteaks on Thursdays, and they partner with other local businesses, like Union & Finch and Mary Ann’s Donut Kitchen, to make fun beers.


Easton, PA

Favorite Foods: All of their ice cream flavors (especially Rocketman, Mayhem, and Fried Oreo); Midnight Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

They have a location in the Simon Silk Mill, and like Easton Wine Project, they also have a cool industrial space. We like that we can get ice cream after getting dinner at Easton Wine Project or any of the other restaurants in the Silk Mill, and we love that Owowcow’s menu rotates every month. Their monthly flavors are very unique!

Owowcow, Easton, PA

What New Restaurants Do You Have Your Eyes On to Try?

Greenhouse Enoteca – Their food looks mouthwateringly good, they source locally, and they’re owned and operated by women.

Pedro’s Cafe – They serve coffee in glass jars, which look cool and promote sustainability!

3rd & Ferry Fish Market

Our next highlighted restaurant is the wonderful, Easton seafood gem, 3rd & Ferry Fish Market. We love the family-friendly environment their owners and staff have created for not only its customers, but the community overall. Their high-quality, delicious seafood and cocktails are a great factor as well!

Delivering Unique Seafood That the Lehigh Valley Needed

There was absolutely a huge lapse of high-end seafood restaurants in the Lehigh Valley. Prior to 3rd & Ferry, you couldn’t get a 3 Tier Seafood Tower anywhere around here! We are so glad that the owners stepped in when they did with their beautiful vision of Lobster Rolls and Bloody Marys!

Bloody Mary, 3rd & Ferry

Let’s Talk Lobster

Speaking of 3rd & Ferry’s Lobster Rolls, a contributing factor to their popularity is the unique way they’re made, presented and of course, taste. They’re actually made in a toasted croissant with warmed butter, so that they’re not too cold and not too hot – they’re the exact, perfect temperature!

Lobster Roll, 3rd & Ferry

We also mentioned 3rd & Ferry’s Blood Marys. They utilize the owner’s grandmothers traditional, Bloody Mary recipe and prepare everything in-house. The consistency is always perfect, and it’s really no surprise that they’re a huge hit! In addition to the Original Bloody Marys, 3rd & Ferry also offers Crabby Marys – a delicious crabcake slider and two Jumbo shrimp cocktail. Brunch really can’t get any better than that!

Raw Bar, Recommendations & Becoming Royalty

Another ultra-fabulous aspect of 3rd & Ferry is their offering of a Raw Bar – yes, you heard us right, you can order a Raw Bar when you’re dining in! It’s presented gorgeously and it tastes even better than it looks!

Raw Bar, 3rd & Ferry

We got a few special recommendations from the lovely manager at 3rd & Ferry that we are super excited to share with you! She’s obviously a big fan of the Raw Bar and Lobster Rolls, but also loves the freshly-made Tuna Tar Tar. The classic Fish & Chips are also a great option for people who aren’t too adventurous with different seafoods yet, but want to enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere! There’s really a dish for everyone, which makes 3rd & Ferry a super special spot.

We’re also super excited to announce that 3rd & Ferry will be adding a new cocktail – but ONLY for you readers to order! That’s right, when you’re next dining out at 3rd & Ferry, you can order the UBMe & Ferry secret cocktail called the Becoming Royalty! It’s a wonderful cocktail that features Ford’s Gin, lemon, simple and butterfly pea flower tea. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Get Ready for the Clam Jam Festival!

3rd & Ferry’s Clam Jam Festival will be taking place on September 19th from 12-7 PM. There’s going to be lots of food as well as new menu items being introduced! There will also be lots of lots of great local vendors present, so you can eat, shop and have a great time! Make sure to mark September 19th on your calendars!

Introducing LVEatsDrinks, Food Blogger & Influencer of the Lehigh Valley

Not only did we get to chat with the Savidges earlier, but we also got the opportunity to talk with another great Food Blogger in the Lehigh Valley! @LVEatsDrinks, run by Timothy, has a great following and even does the occasional giveaway for a gift card to a local restaurant! Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or a snack, LVEatsDrinks has you covered!

Timothy has been a foodie all his life, but actually started documenting his food journey via Instagram at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub in Bethlehem. The post was, of course, on St. Patrick’s Day, and the rest is history! One of the coolest thing in our opinion is how much of a community Timothy has built around him with his LVEatsDrinks account. He said that he’s really glad he started it, and that he’s made a lot of new friends from the valley through his account, as well as found new restaurants to enjoy!

The Flying V, Bethlehem, PA

Lehigh Valley Favorites

One of the toughest questions we always ask our guest-bloggers is what their favorite local restaurants are. Timothy shared with us that it is, indeed, a very difficult one to answer but that Union & Finch and The Flying V are definitely at the top of his list. “They probably have the best brunch in the valley,” he says, when describing Union & Finch in Allentown, PA. As for The Flying V, “the chicken bacon ranch poutine always puts a smile on my face.” We couldn’t agree more!

Another great new place that Timothy mentioned is Drip: The Flavor Lab. He said their burgers are amazing and that he’s been very much enjoying it there lately!

Upcoming Eats

We always love to find out where the newest, hot restaurants are and what our fellow Foodies have their eyes on. Ironically, the Savidges and Timothy have their eyes on the same, new place – Greenhouse Enoteca! Now we have our eyes on it too!

We also asked Timothy about his Foodie Bucket List and if he could go anywhere in the world for food, where it would be. He replied with Italy. He said that having Italian roots himself, he would love to go and enjoy truly authentic pizza. We fully support that!

Drip: The Flavor Lab, Hellertown, PA

Sette Luna

Our next highlighted restaurant of the Lehigh Valley is the wonderful, Italian restaurant, Sette Luna. Sette Luna is located in the heart of Downtown Easton and really kicked off the restaurant life in Easton altogether when it opened 15 years ago.

We spoke to Josh Palmer, the owner and chef, and he described Sette Luna as an ‘Urban Trattoria.’ With a talented and dedicated staff, Chef Palmer is able to bring his creative, culinary vision to life everyday.

Sette Luna, Easton

Creating a Unique Twist on Italian

We are huge Italian food lovers, but finding an Italian restaurant that has its own, unique twist is hard to find. Josh Palmer creates a wonderful experience for all of his customers by taking influence from different regions of Italy throughout the year. The menu changes as the season changes, making a wonderful, culinary experience year-round.

Sette Luna also features wonderful seasonal specials that leaves its customers asking about them every time they visit, no matter the season! The Oven Roasted Artichokes are a great dish that people crave all year long, and we’re excited to say that they’ll be back for the Fall!

Recommendations For Your Next Visit

While you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, there are a few things that have visitors obsessed! The wood-oven pizzas are a specialty of Sette Luna’s, and the secret’s all in the crust! If you’ve ever tried to pin-point what makes Sette Luna’s pizzas just so delicious compared to others, pay extra attention to the crust… there is a ton of labor and love that goes into every single dough!

Wood Fired Pizza, Sette Luna

If you’re a big wino, you’ll for sure love Sette Luna’s extensive wine-list. They have a wine that pairs perfectly with every item, so make sure you ask for their pairing recommendation next time you’re dining in! They also make wonderful Aperol Spritz Cocktails, so if you want to enjoy a great, refreshing drink with lunch or dinner, this is the way to go!

Finally, a wonderful surprise to you readers – a secret menu item coming this October on the Fall menu! You’ll be able to order the Umbrian Pork Shank, a beautiful dish grazed with fresh chestnuts, Gaeta olives, rosemary, white wine and chicken stock. The savory flavors are to die for and make for a delectable dinner dish on a cool, Fall night.

Coming Soon to Sette Luna

We were really excited to find out what the upcoming Fall season is going to be bringing to Sette Luna’s new menu and Chef Palmer did not disappoint!

There’s going to be a few new ingredients introduced to the menu, one being rabbit! The possibilities for how rabbit can be included in lunch and dinner are thrilling and we really can’t wait to try one of the dishes for ourselves! Another fabulous ingredient that will be added this fall are chestnuts. They add great flavoring and are quite healthy, as well as pair deliciously in many fall dishes.

While we cannot wait for what’s to come on the menu at Sette Luna, we also want to enjoy the current summer dishes for as long as possible! Make sure you set a date to visit for lunch or dinner before the menu changes with the season!

Sette Luna


Crave is a wonderful health & nutrition bar located in Bethlehem, PA. They opened a little over three years ago and have their customers craving their variety of health – drinks. From healthy shakes to energy teas, Crave has something for everyone, no matter what their health goals and lifestyle are.

Crave, Bethlehem, PA

Supporting Local Communities

While Crave is known for their great drinks and ‘Shake-aristas,’ a lot of people aren’t aware of the community impact they have. They work with a lot of local organizations and are passionate about their work outside of Crave’s location. A really amazing project they did during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was the ‘Pay It Forward Project.’ When a customer ordered a 32 oz. Immuni-Tea, they would bring a small Energy Tea to a local health-care hero.

In addition to events like the ‘Pay It Forward Project,’ they focus on a lot of health-based activities and events for their customers. They hold boot-camps, 21 Day Challenges, monthly Customer Appreciation Days and so much more!

Celebrating Health & Self-Love

Crave and their sister location, Thrive, focus on the healthiness of their drinks but also the mental health of their customers. They believe that they can make more of an impact than just providing a customer with a good, healthy drink. Their staff focuses on creating a positive, thriving environment where they are constantly engaging with customers and going out of their way to make each customer feel special and loved. We really love this and it’s just another example of how Crave supports and gives back to the community!

Now, we can’t wait to talk about their great drinks! The caffeine used is all natural caffeine, so you get all of the energy but no crash – how amazing is that?! In addition, all of their teas are metabolism-boosting, burning 80-100 calories and containing Vitamin B and Aloe content. There is also less than a gram of sugar in each tea.

Recommendations from Crave Manager, Gabrielle

We loved talking to the manager at Crave, Gabrielle this week and hear her personal favorites as well as what customers especially enjoy! She let us in on a fan-favorite shake, the Fun-Fetti. It’s a tasty, birthday cake flavored drink. All shakes at Crave and Thrive have 24 grams of protein as well as 21 vitamins and minerals. The Tropical Chiller is also a popular choice in the summer!

We’re super excited to announce a secret-menu item just for you readers. When you go to Crave or Thrive, you can mention that you read the UBMe Lehigh Valley article featuring Crave and Thrive and order the secret-menu Snozzberry Clean Energy Tea! This is a gorgeous, purple, strawberry-grape flavored Clean Energy Tea we know you’ll love!

Fun-Fetti Shake, Crave

Enjoy & Bon Appetite!

We hope you enjoyed a taste of the LV with UBMe this week! We have so many people to thank for making this edition possible – Kaitlyn, Tanner, Poornika, Danya, Josh, Timothy, Gabrielle, Meghan and Evan, thank you! Every ‘Restaurant Highlight’ photo was taken by each restaurant’s incredible photographer and the food bloggers of course capture all of their own, beautiful photos! You were all amazing to work with and we are so grateful to ‘come home’ this week and highlight some truly wonderful restaurants that the Lehigh Valley has to offer! We hope to bring you more soon, so keep an eye out!

With all of the restaurants we featured having recently updated menus or preparing to update them, there are SO many fabulous eats awaiting you! Don’t forget about the secret-menu items that are available at all of the highlighted venues for just you to order!

We hope you take the time to tag us and these wonderful restaurants on social media when you visit – we can’t get enough of their great eats! Take care everyone and thanks for reading and supporting your local communities!