UBMe’s Top 8 Breweries of the Lehigh Valley

Wednesday’s Countdown Continues…

We are excited to be back this week with our Top 8 Breweries of the Lehigh Valley! With Summer in full-swing, things are a little more laid back and relaxed. Breweries are the perfect place to hit up after a long day of work or to enjoy a relaxing Saturday with friends!

At UBMe this week we have compiled our top 8 favorite breweries in the area, and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we do! With so many great options, it was difficult to narrow it down to just 8, but we somehow did it! Enjoy!

8. Bonn Place Brewing

Bethlehem, PA

Bonn Place Brewing is a great go-to brewery with unique beers and seltzers! They have indoor and outdoor seating which is perfect for happy-hour or a date-night out! My personal favorite brew is the Mooey, which is an English-Style Pub Ail. You can actually get most of their beers to-go, which is a great feature if you feel like drinking from the comfort of your home! Next time you’re in Bethlehem, PA, you have to stop at Bonn!

Photo Credit: Bonn Place Brewing

#7. Weyerbacher Brewering

Easton, PA

Weyerbacher Brewering is a wonderful Easton, PA brewery and we must say, we love their All-Year-Round beers! These you can go for any time of the year, and they have a good kick! At UBMe, we personally are big fans of their special releases, which include the DDH Simcoe Mango and Malibu Monks. We highly recommend!

Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, PA

#6. HiJinx Brewery

Allentown, PA

HiJinx is a great, local find in the Lehigh Valley and we love their brews and tastings! Their Wicked White Belgian Style Ale is one of our personal favorites. HiJinx should definitely be on your list of breweries to visit when you’re next in the area!

HiJinx Brewery, Allentown, PA

5. Hop Hill Brewing Company

Bethlehem, PA

The Bethlehem area has tons of great breweries and Hop Hill Brewing Company is no exception! Their brews are truly unique and at UBMe, we highly recommend the Morning Blonde – perfect for us coffee lovers! You definitely need to visit Hop Hill Brewery if you haven’t already. You’re in for a real treat!

Hop Hill Brewery, Bethlehem, PA

#4. Seven Sirens

Bethlehem, PA

Seven Sirens is another great Bethlehem brewery. The atmosphere is amazing, on top of their beer. They also do wonderful cocktails, so if beer isn’t for you (or your friends), you can still make everyone head on over to Seven Sirens!

Seven Sirens, Bethlehem, PA

#3. Birthright Brewing Co.

Nazareth, PA

Our Bronze Brewery is Birthright Brewing Co. in Nazareth, PA! They have wonderful brews AND eats, although my new personal favorites are their hard lemonades! You genuinely cannot go wrong with anything you get there, it’s all incredible. I also would suggest the CBLT pizza if you’re looking to pair your beverage with some food!

Birthright Brewing Co., Nazareth, PA

2. Two Rivers Brewing Company

Easton, PA & Quakertown, PA

Here comes our Runner-Up for the week! Two Rivers Brewing Company actually has two wonderful breweries – one in Easton and one in Quakertown. Their seasonal selections currently are AMAZING and the perfect hit for the summer. I really enjoyed the Five Acre Saison, which is a light and dry beer. A fun play is also their brew names – make sure you check out their website to see the inspiration behind each beverage’s name!

Two Rivers Brewing Company, Easton, PA

#1. Lost Tavern Brewing

Hellertown, PA & Bethlehem, PA

And we have a winner! Lost Tavern Brewing also has two great locations – the more the merrier! Their extensive tap list just absolutely won us over at UBMe and we couldn’t think of a better brewing company to represent our #1 spot of the week! I’m in particular a big fan of their to-go cans as well, in case you want to bring a few home to enjoy! My favorite go-to is their Catching Lightning, which you can get at both locations. They also have REALLY great Bloody Marys available for brunch for those of you brunch-ers out there!

Lost Tavern, Hellertown, PA

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the viewers and readers who followed along with UBMe’s Top 8 this week! We hope you found some amazing new breweries to try out! If you visit one of these Top 8, make sure you tag us on Instagram so that we can re-share your experiences as well!

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