UBMe’s Top 8 Local Coffee Shops & Cafes of the Lehigh Valley

Pour the Coffee Please!

Who doesn’t love coffee, especially on a hectic weekday? At UBMe, we thrive on coffee! That’s why this week we wanted to give our fellow coffee lovers a treat by featuring our top 8 local coffee shops & cafes of the Lehigh Valley! Now, we’re not including chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’, although we do rely on them quite often. We are just sticking to local today! We hope you enjoy these great caffein finds and tasty treats and decide to check a few of them out as well! Enjoy!

8. Lit Coffee Roastery & Bakeshop

Bethlehem, PA

Lit is a quaint coffee shop and bakery, and we love their coffee AND baked good! You can’t go wrong with their savory treats and their espressos are wonderful! We highly encourage you to stop in if you’re in the Bethlehem area and treat yourself to coffee and a pastry – maybe even take one for the road!

Lit Coffee Shop, Bethlehem, PA. Photo Credit: @Lit610 Instagram

7. La Vida Cafe

Allentown, PA

La Vida Cafe is a wonderful cafe located in Allentown, PA. They not only have delicious coffee and cold brews, but gorgeous lunch options as well, including soups and sandwiches! I personally am a huge fan of their double espressos paired with some breakfast – their omelettes are another favorite! You definitely need to make it a mission to get to La Vida Cafe if you haven’t already, and if you have, stop back again!

La Vida Cafe, Allentown, PA. Photo Credit: @lavidacafe.6 Instagram

6. Terra Cafe

Easton, PA

Terra Cafe in Easton is a lovely find any time of their year! They beautifully pair their coffee options and pastries with the seasons and it makes for a great experience overall! On top of that they are very tasty! Their organic coffee is roasted locally, which is an awesome additional touch. I really enjoy their salads for lunch, along with their Dirty Chai! The next time I go I want to try one of their smoothies, they look amazing!

Terra Cafe, Easton, PA. Photo Credit: @teracafeeaston Instagram

5. The Wise Bean

Bethlehem, PA

Looking for a great spot for a cappuccino? Look no further than The Wise Bean in Bethlehem, PA! I love their cappuccinos as well as their lunch options! They also decorate SO cute for all holidays and feature holiday-based espressos!

The Wise Bean, Bethlehem, PA. Photo Credit: the_wise_bean on Instagram

4. Deja Brew Cafe

Bethlehem, PA

Looking for a cozy new spot to sip your coffee? Deja Brew Cafe is the place for you! We absolutely love their atmosphere, their sandwiches and of course, their coffee!

Deja Brew Cafe, Bethlehem, PA. Photo Credit: Deja Brew

3. ThreeBirds Coffee House

Easton, PA

ThreeBirds Coffee House is located in an absolutely beautiful, quaint building. The atmosphere in which you get your coffee from takes you back in time and really makes for a wonderful experience. They serve specialty coffee, which really is quite a treat! We hope next time you’re looking for a great stop for coffee, you decide to go to ThreeBirds Coffee House!

ThreeBirds Coffee House, Easton, PA. Photo Credit: @threebirdscoffee on Instagram

2. Baristi Coffee Roasters

Allentown, PA

Need a fun new spot to get coffee AND tea from? Baristi Coffee Roasters is definitely the place for you! Located in Allentown, PA, Baristi is a family business and their coffee is out of this world! You are sure to love everything you try and we encourage you to head on over for your next coffee shop fix!

Baristi Coffee Roasters, Allentown, PA. Photo Credit: @baristi_coffee_roasters on Instagram

1. The Joint Coffee Co.

Whitehall, PA

And here is our #1 Local Coffee Shop & Cafe of the week! If you’re looking for a tasty treat, you must try The Joint! They have the most beautiful drinks you could ever ask for – if you don’t believe us, check out their Instagram for proof! We hope you stop in and enjoy the ambiance and coffees as much as we do!

The Joint Coffee Co. Whitehall, PA. Photo Credit: @TheJointCoffeeCo on Instagram

Enjoy Some Incredible Espresso!

Now that you know our favorite coffee spots of the Lehigh Valley, it’s time to go check them out! As proud Lehigh Valley Chamber members, at UBMe it is our mission to promote community and engage others within their local communities. Through our online ordering system that saves restaurants money and increases their capability to reach more customers, we are huge supporters of the restaurant industry!

If you stop at any of these spots, make sure you tag us and show us what a wonderful time you’re having! We hope you enjoy these great coffee shops and cafes as much as we do! Enjoy!