UBMe’s Top 8 Pizza Places of Pennsylvania

Pizza Is the Way to the Heart

If someone ever tells you they don’t like pizza, you think they’re crazy! How could someone not like pizza? Pizza is truly the way to one’s heart – especially Pennsylvanians! This week at UBMe we decided to kick our Top 8 up a notch by including the ENTIRE state of Pennsylvania! We hope you’re just as excited as we are – let’s go!

8. Vince the Pizza Prince

Scranton, PA

Making pizza fresh since 1955 is our #8, Vince the Pizza Prince! This super old-school pizza haven is awesome, and from the start you get a sense of their wonderful atmosphere with a friendly greeting. They make it their goal at Vince the Pizza Prince to greet every customer who walks in, which we absolutely love!

Vince the Pizza Prince, Scranton, PA. Image Credit: vincethepizzaprince.com

7. Tony & Joe’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Conshohocken, PA

We love a family-owned pizza place, especially ones that have been in the business for DECADES! We’re talking over 30 years here at Tony & Joe’s, how amazing is that? They have such a loyal community backing them that they actually offer VIP Benefits Club Memberships where those qualified customers get access to special deals and promotions! Can you sign us up?! Since I only ever want to eat pizza, I’ve yet to try one of their many salad options, but those also look INCREDIBLE! I’m a major fan of their Taco Pizza as well as their White Pizza – you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu though! Make sure to check them out when you’re next in the Conshohocken area!

Tony & Joe’s Pizzeria, Conshohocken, PA.

6. Cesare’s Ristorante

Bristol, PA

We’re taking it back over 70 years with our #6 PA Pizza place! Dating back to 1947, Cesare’s Ristorante has been servicing up its community members with AMAZING pizza! They’re not just known for their pizzas though – their steak-sandwiches and hoagies are quite the hit as well. They also offer a wonderful selection of Italian Pasta dishes and there isn’t a single item that I wouldn’t just die to have for lunch today! As far as pizzas are concerned, I would just love to get my hands on a Double-Dough pie – yum to the max!


Cesare’s Pizzeria, Bristol, PA. Photo Credit: Instagram

5. Franzone’s Pizzeria

Bridgeport, PA

Need some crazy, yummy eats? Franzone’s Pizzeria is the place to go if you’re in the Bridgeport area! Franzone’s offers such a HUGE menu you need to go back more than a few times just to get a taste! We absolutely LOVE it – you really can never have too many delicious options in our opinion! They’ve also been in business since 1955, so they totally know what they’re doing. We really love their family atmosphere as well!

Franzone’s Pizza, Bridgeport, PA

4. Randazzo’s Pizza

Willow Grove, PA

As a lover of White Pizza, Randazzo’s Pizza really is my dream come true. They have not 1, not 2, not 3 but 7 DIFFERENT White Pizzas! How amazing is that? Located in Willow Grove, PA, they have a huge variety of specialty pies as well as Chicago-style pizzas. You know where you need to be next time you’re in the area!

Randazzo’s Pizza, Willow Grove, PA

3. The Brick

Bethlehem, PA

Who’s ready for our #3 Pizza Place of PA? If you’re from the Lehigh Valley, I bet you were wondering when The Brick would pop up – here it is! Their huge assortment of pizzas is incredible and if specialty pizzas are your thing, you need to visit Bethlehem soon! One of my favorite things to do when visiting The Brick is to get a pizza to go as well, so that I can try something new the next day for lunch (and dinner too!) It’s also a wonderful excuse to try one of their INCREDIBLE pasta dishes while you’re there and then enjoy the pizza later.

The Brick, Bethlehem, PA. Photo Credit: Instagram

2. Fiori’s Pizza

Pittsburgh, PA

Heading on up to Pittsburgh, PA, Fiori’s Pizza is taking our Runner-Up Spot! Pittsburgh foodies cannot get enough of Fiori’s. Their restaurant is the antithesis of family, and the welcoming community they create makes the experience even better! You really feel a part of something so much bigger when you go, and it truly does enhance the pizza altogether, going from ‘good’ to GREAT!

Fiori’s Pizza, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo Credit: Instagram

1. Pizzata Pizzeria

Philadelphia, PA

The word ‘Pizzata’ means ‘Pizza Party’, and that’s exactly how the owners of Pizzata Pizzeria believe their food should be enjoyed – as if every time you enjoy their pizza, it really is a party! We love that, and it’s restaurants like this that really capture the UBMe spirit of community! Not to mention, their pizza is AMAZING! Their Stuffed-Crust Margherita Pizza is one of my personal favorites, although I do have my eye on their Spinach Pie next time I’m in the Philly area!

Pizzata Pizzeria, Philadelphia, PA. Photo Credit: Instagram

Family & Pizza Go Hand in Hand

One amazing reoccurring theme you probably picked up with our Top 8 Pizza Places of PA is family. Every restaurant was able to create an amazing, family-centered atmosphere and it really enhances the senses altogether. We hoped you enjoyed our expansion into PA and if you’re CRAZY about pizza like we are, maybe you’ll take a drive and check some of them out!

Like great family-run pizza places, at UBMe we consider ourselves to be a family as well. We pride ourselves on promoting our restaurant clients and strive to always do what’s best for local communities. If you’re a restaurant owner or a part of a family restaurant business, make sure to sign up for our free online-ordering system today!

We’re so glad you tuned into UBMe’s Top 8 today and we hope you join us again next Wednesday to see where our food journey will take us! Have a wonderful week everyone!