What are the 5 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Restaurants?

How Important is Email Marketing for Restaurants?

The daily hustle and bustle of running a restaurant is exhausting, and we totally get that! Sometimes as restaurant owners, we do not put as much effort into marketing as we should. It’s easy to lose sight of keeping the customer in the know when there is so much else going on. Today we are here to provide you with a few platforms that make email marketing SO much easier!

Let’s start with the basics – what is email marketing exactly? Email marketing utilizes emails to deliver advertisements, feature discounts and specials and engage with customers. Restaurants in particular need an easy way to send out newsletters that highlight their businesses and keep their customers aware of menu additions, events and other important information. In addition to keeping their current customers informed, email marketing is a great way to access new, potential customers.

At UBMe, we can help you with online ordering for your customers and automatic printing in your kitchens, but we can’t reach out to your existing customers. We still want to provide some great information though – it can take some to find the right platform that works for you, which is why we’re here!

5. AWeber

Great for Small Businesses

AWeber is a great platform for small businesses. Small businesses that are just starting out or beginning their utilization of emails usually have smaller lists, so AWeber is a great starting point.

4. ConvertKit

Great Source for Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators

ConvertKit prides themselves on connecting creators with potential fans, and building up an actual fanbase. They prioritize connectivity and giving bloggers a way to quickly get their ideas to potential buyers, via emails.

3. MailerLite

Known for Being Simple and User Friendly

If you’re looking for a straight-forward, simple email sending service, MailerLite is perfect for you. Their UI may be user-friendly, but you will not feel limited with the available options they provide.

2. Constant Contact

Email Marketing for the Newbies

Constant Contact is a wonderful platform for email newbies to utilize. They focus on having a highly intuitive email builder that provides polished-looking final emails. In addition to creating attractive emails and providing information to customers, they can help you create a website as well.

1. Mailchimp

Targeting Your Email Marketing Needs

Mailchimp is a GREAT source for all of your email needs, because they help you pinpoint exactly what information needs to be relayed to your customers. The emails that are sent out make sense to your business and you won’t have to worry about your content coming off as ‘spammy.’ That’s why they secured the #1 spot in our eyes!

Mailchimp Targeting Email Strategies

Moving Forward

Overall, it is important to remember that at the end of the day, it’s your restaurant. You know what’s best and what feels right. We have this list as a guide for you based on all of the information we have acquired thus far. We hope you find it helpful and are looking forward to seeing how you utilize any of these sources as a part of your marketing strategy!