Where are the Best Breakfast Places in the Lehigh Valley? UBMe’s June Top 8 Breakfast Locations

The flying Egg

Lehigh Valley Foodies

It should be no surprise that at UBMe, we are very into food and dining out. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks or snacks in between, we love working with restaurants and arguably love their food even more. We definitely consider ourselves to be Lehigh Valley Foodies. After much consideration for the month of June, we’ve comprised a list of our top 8 Breakfast places to visit! Hopefully you enjoy our ‘Best Breakfast Places in the Lehigh Valley’ and discover some new locations!

8. The Shelby

Allentown, PA

The Shelby

The Shelby has AMAZING American-style cuisine. Their eggs are to die for and their Monkey-Mimosa is the perfect kick you need on a weekend morning. The only reason they aren’t higher is because¬†technically they serve brunch and not breakfast. I just couldn’t not mention them. Check out their menus and hours here, you won’t regret it!

7. Union & Finch

Allentown, PA

Union and Finch

Union and Finch is also located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and has quickly become one of my all-time favorite restaurants. Their Crab Cake Benedict is incomparable and I sincerely recommend it to every seafood lover – you will not be disappointed! Their Mimosa Flight is also the perfect way to start off your weekend (who doesn’t love an assortment of mimosas?!) Similar to #8, Union and Finch technically only does brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, which is why they aren’t ranked higher on this highly competitive list. If you haven’t been here yet, you absolutely need to check them out ASAP.

6. The Breakfast Table

Easton, PA

The Breakfast Table

If you’re looking for impeccable breakfast food every time you go, The Breakfast Table is the place to be! If I could go more than once a week, I absolutely would. Their omelets give me life at any time of day (especially their spinach and feta omelet) or I’m also obsessed with the Paris Plate. Really, everything on the menu is great, so definitely stop by The Breakfast Table when you have a breakfast craving!

5. Billy’s Downtown Diner

Bethlehem, PA & Easton, PA

Billy's Diner

The only thing better than a great diner is that diner having two locations! If you can’t get enough of Billy’s Downtown Diner, you have two different spots to hit up! Mic’s Cannoli Tower is one of my absolute favorites here as well as the Billy’s Kristo breakfast sandwich. As an avid coffee drinker, I am also very obsessed with their lattes. You can’t beat a great latte! Make sure if you haven’t been to a Billy’s Diner location before, you make it a goal to go to one soon! You will not be let down, I promise you!

4. Mitzi’s Table

Bethlehem, PA


If you’re in the Lehigh Valley, you must make it a priority to go to Mitzi’s if you haven’t already! They have a widely diverse breakfast menu and their unique recipes will leave you over the moon and wanting to come back for the breakfast the next morning! I personally am a big fan of their pancakes and the classic breakfast. Like any of these great breakfast places, you really cannot go wrong with anything on the menu! Check out Mitzi’s Table here to see their menus and hours!

3. Jumbars

Bethlehem, PA


Going to Jumbars means that you’re DYING for great breakfast! For me, I go to Jumbars if I’m really craving an omelet (I’m a big omelet person if you couldn’t tell by my recommendations thus far). Along with omelets that are a hit, their quiches are out of this world! You’re really missing out if you haven’t been to this breakfast gem! Make sure to look at their website and menu here!

2. The People’s Kitchen

Bethlehem, PA

The People's Kitchen

Securing the #2 spot on our Best Breakfast Places in the Lehigh Valley List is The People’s Kitchen! Not only is their food amazing, but so is their pricing! My absolute favorite thing to get here is the Breakfast Mac and Cheese. It’s even better than it sounds! If you are in the Lehigh Valley and haven’t come into The People’s Kitchen yet, you absolutely must! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

1. The Flying Egg

Bethlehem, PA

The flying Egg

Calling all Egg Connoisseurs! Locking in the Winning spot today is The Flying Egg! Their eggs have totally won us over, and if you’re in Bethlehem, there is no excuse to not go to the Flying Egg! Two UBMe favorites are the Eggs Benedict and the Caprese. We could go for their breakfast food literally any time of the day, it’s that good. Another winning perk of The Flying Egg are their Vegan Breakfast options. You know when going to the Flying Egg, there is a meal for everyone, which we really love. Congratulations!

Eating & Supporting Local

Thanks for reading this Wednesday’s edition of ‘UBMe’s Top 8’! We hope you enjoyed reading about some great local spots to grab breakfast and are a inspired to try some new ones you haven’t been to before! We will be back every Wednesday with our taste of local eateries, so we hope you look forward to next weeks!

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